100 things to do this summer!


The summer holidays are almost upon us!

Are your kids as excited as mine?
Are you ready for a whole six weeks of fun?

Whether you’re busy juggling work and holiday clubs or free for the whole summer holidays, kids need to be kept entertained … especially during the school holidays.
But there’s no need to break the bank, oh no no no! – My 100 things to do this summer list is here to help! It’s packed with free and cheap activities to keep those little ones occupied, plus lots of ideas for fun filled family days out!
Lets go . . 64a25e02-7908-48d4-a88a-a7dae73d6f9evisit an inflatable water park
go for a bike ride
jump rope
visit a local farm
play hopscotch
play Pokemon Go!
go swimming
make daisy chains
have a beach day
find a local skate park
create a music video
make mud pies
hold a garden party
fly a kite
make a dream catcher
grow sunflowers
roast marshmallows
visit a local museum
attend a free concert
watch a movie at the cinema
go on a nature walk
have afternoon tea
have a picnic
feed the ducks
learn a magic trick

make homemade pizza
make ice cream sundaes
see an outdoor movie
have a baking day
make a bird feeder
join a club
have a kids date night
tie dye a shirt
make a YouTube video
have an indoor spa day
have a movie afternoon
go geocaching
have a pyjama day
make a spell
try a new foods
make an outdoor den
build an indoor fort
have a teddy bears picnic
go metal detecting
have a bbq
hold a back garden festival for friends
make a summer time capsule
throw a disco
make jewellery
try ice skating
decorate a t shirt

FBB57C0C-1CED-4FB1-ADAD-0D3823F5607Fgo climbing
make play dough
host a sleepover
bake ice cream cone cupcakes
go to the park
learn to knit
go fishing
take your sledge to the sand dunes
try yoga
make magic potions
watch the sunset
learn a card game
go camping
finish a jigsaw
make a treasure hunt
attend a festival
search for shooting starsΒ 
make paper planes
go site seeing
create a family flag
visit a theme park
paint a picture
explore a castle
dine out
make homemade popcorn


have a water fight
be a zoo keeper for a day
make homemade ice lollies
make slime
play party games
have a diy spa day
take a train ride
try horse riding
attend a cookery class
create a summer photo album
make story stones
visit an aquarium
hire a pedalo
go glow bowling
make a summer journal
play mini golf
grow cress
pick flowers
visit a maze
go fruit picking
visit a splash park
skip stones at a lake
visit the planetarium
go roller skating
play paint twister
find a waterfall

E49C4918-47D6-4541-ABB9-EF210E7829DCgo crabbing
camp out in the garden / living room
try paddle boarding / kayakingΒ 
visit a national trust location
catch a sunriseΒ 
play party games
chalk the pavements colourful
swim in the lake
throw a UV / glow party
take a hike
post some happy mail
have a chippy tea in a random location
find a cave and explore
learn a new craft
take a trip to somewhere you have never been
start a summer journal
visit a castle
stay up late and tell ghost stories around a camp fire
paint the view from a hilltop

Phew! Well, there’s a little over 100 ideas there!
I hopeΒ no one’sΒ going to complain about boredom these school holidays 🀣

Seriously though, if you need any more ideas – you can always check out my other links below :
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Survive the school holidays on a budget!

BUT before you leave, if you’re anything like me and like to (pretend) you’re all organised πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ then you should definitely download my FREE summer-holiday-planner🌞

Pin it on the fridge or on your note board and get those ideas written down . . . and if you fancy a hand with the chores this summer holiday – then get the kids roped in and totally downloadΒ and print out your very own Chore chartΒ here!

What’s on your school summer holiday list? Let me know and share your ideas in the comments section below.
Whatever you choose to get up to this summer, make sure you have some fun and enjoy some quality family time together!

happy adventures

nay nay x

Goodbye school hello summer

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