Summer holiday fun


The summer holidays are here!

Are your kids as excited as mine?
Are you ready for a whole six weeks of fun?

now, parents, let’s not be rolling those eyes. We’re going to have a good time!

Whether you’re busy working or lucky enough to be free for the whole summer holidays,
let’s face it, the kids need to be kept entertained, there’s only so much Netflix they can watch during the school holidays.
But there’s no need to break the bank, oh no no no! – My 100 things to do this summer list is here to help!
It’s packed with FREE and non-bank-breaking activities to help keep the little ones occupied,
plus a few ideas for those fun filled family days out!

So, let’s wake up early, download and
print out your FREE weekly schedule,
get it filled in with some of these super
fun ideas and enjoy every minute you have!

visit an inflatable water park –
(try cliff lakes in Tamworth or the aqua park in Sheffield, they’re both amazing!)
go for a bike ride somewhere beautiful
jump rope
visit a local farm and feed the animals
make your own hopscotch on the pavement, get your friends involved too!
play Pokemon Go!
go swimming
make daisy chains
have a beach day
find a local skate park or even a roller disco!
create a music video and pretend you’re superstars
make mud pies and cast spells
hold a garden party for your friends
host a colour run around your neighbourhood and make your own dry paints!
fly a kite
make a dream catcher
grow your own summer sunflowers
roast marshmallows and stay up late
visit a local museum … but not a boring one – try the world of illusions in Edinburgh
attend a free concert online or in person
watch a movie at the cinema or even take a duvet to a drive in cinema
go on a nature walk and hunt for wild flowers and wildlife
have an afternoon tea in the park
have a greedy bears picnic in the garden
feed the ducks
learn a magic trick

make homemade pizza
make an ice cream sundae bar
make feeders for the hedgehogs
have a baking day and gift to neighbours / friends
make bird feeders and hang them in the woods
join a club
have a kids date night and get dressed up
tie dye a shirt …. or even your socks!
(check out these natural dyes that you probably already have in your home)
make a YouTube video and unbox something cool
have an indoor spa day and treat your mama
have a movie afternoon
go geocaching
have a pyjama day, bring your duvets downstairs too!
go swimming outdoors
make an outdoor den
build an indoor fort
be brave and climb the high ropes
go metal detecting and see what you can find
have a bbq
hold a back garden festival
make a summer time capsule
throw a disco
make jewellery
try ice skating
create your own summer holiday scrap book

go rock climbing, indoor or outdoor
make homemade play dough
host a sleepover
bake ice cream cone cupcakes
bake delicious bread
learn to knit
go fishing with your dad / grandad
take your sledge to the sand dunes and whizz down them
climb a mountain
make potions with slime and bubbles
watch the sunset and/or a sunrise
stargaze and look for shooting stars, planets and satellites
learn a card game
go camping
finish a massive jigsaw
make a treasure hunt around the house and garden
attend a family festival
make paper planes, take them to the hills and throw them off
go site seeing in the car to a new town
create a family flag
visit a theme park
paint a giant picture in the garden
explore a castle
dine out at a posh restaurant
make popcorn from kernels

have a water balloon fight
be a zoo keeper for a day
make homemade ice lollies
make slime (sorry parents)
play birthday party games all day and eat party food
visit your local dinoworld for a roarsome day
take a train ride along the coastline
try horse back riding
sail a boat on a lake
help out at a local farm / soup kitchen / relatives work place
make story stones and put on a show
visit an aquarium
hire a pedalo
go glow bowling in neon clothes
make a summer journal (and put it in your time capsule)
play mini golf
grow vegetables and herbs
pick a bunch of flowers and gift them to someone you love
visit a maze …. but don’t get lost!
go fruit picking for strawberries, berries and apples
visit a splash park and spend the day there
skip stones at a lake
visit the planetarium
host a family dinner party and create your own decorations and placemats
play paint twister

Is that 100 things to do this summer? I hope so!
I’m sure there’s going to be no complaining about boredom these school holidays!

What’s on your school summer holiday list?
Let me know in the comments below.
Also, check out my Pinterest page for lots more ideas including
rainy day activities and healthy homemade treats that the kids will love eating as well as making!

and don’t forget …. for those extra long car journeys this year you can get your hands on my road trip travel pack over @bynaynay and keep those little ones entertained with pages and pages of road trip fun, games, puzzles and much more!

happy adventures

nay nay x

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