Survive the school holidays on a budget!

The summer holidays are in our reach. The kids are all excited. Yes, mum is thinking “how the heck am I going to afford this??”

Are you looking for ideas for free days out with your kids? Here are a few places to visit that your children will LπŸ’“VE … and that don’t have to cost you a penny! Winner winner!

Β Visit a Museum

Take your kids to a gallery or museum. Many hold free kids activities over the school holidays. Check what’s on at your local museum and don’t forget to take a packed lunch as well. This means you won’t end up blowing your money in the coffee shop afterwards.

Go swimming

Lots of councils offer free swimming to children under 16 in the school holidays. Check with your local council if they offer this. Okay, you’ll have to pay to go in the pool with them, but your kids can splash about to their heart’s content for free. Bargain! Alternatively, seek out your local splash park, take a picnic and spend the day there!

Go on a park nature trail

You may feel you spend a lot of your time in the park already. But by making it into a nature trail, you’ll keep your kids – and you – entertained. For free!

Before you go, spend five minutes writing a bingo-style sheet (or print one off the internet) for each child with the name of different animals or things you find in the park.Β It could be things like acorn, dog, biggest tree in the park and so on.Β Then in the park, your kids must find each item on their sheet and cross them off as they go. And why not take some yummy cake for an afternoon snack as well.

Visit a garden centre

If you’ve got young children, one of the best places to take them for a free day out is your local garden centre. I personally love the Wyevale Garden Centres.Β Some have soft play or adventure play areas, while others have departments selling small animals or fish. Your kids can spend ages watching them, and it’s absolutely free.

A day at the beach

A great place to spend a free day with your kids … no matter what the weather.Β If it’s sunny, take a bucket and spade and spend the day building sandcastles. And if it’s chillier, go to a stony beach and spend time skimming stones in the water.

Fruit Picking

You pay for what you pick, so it’s not necessarily free, but it’s a healthy day and shouldn’t cost a bomb! And after gathering a basket full of strawberries and raspberries, you can use your haul to make some yummy summer drinks or homemade frozen lollies.

Make a Boredom Buster jar

At the start of half term gather everyone together and make a Boredom Buster jar. Brainstorm ideas of things to do during half term and pop them in your jar. You can take it in turns to pick out an activity and it’s a great way to prevent any cries of ‘Muuuum … we’re booored!’

Make a holiday planner

Get organised and make a holiday planner at the start of the week. Let everyone help pick activities and things they want to do. Don’t forget to add time for housework and chores, give your kids easy tasks like make their bed or polish the table. Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Β You can find free printable online.

What are your top tips for a free day out?

happy adventures

nay nay x

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