Sunny days call for sunny activities —
and whats more of a sunny day activity than paddle boarding on the lake?

If you’re looking for a fun family activity, a relaxing day on the lake or even an amazing work out, then paddle boarding has got you covered! ( And yes, my legs are absolutely on fire today ha ha!)

I have never been on a paddle board before, i am definitely much more of a ”i will just sit at the side and watch you” kinda gal, but let me tell you now . . . i am 100% so happy with my little self that i found some courage and joined in – because this was so so much fun!
I actually can not believe how much fun i had out there on the water.
What started off as a little ”oh my goodness i’m not going to be able to do this” morning, very quickly turned into a ”OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS!” afternoon!

Time flew by so quickly i didn’t realise how long we had been out on the water for.
We relaxed, soaked up some sun, we raced each other (which is probably why my thighs are absolutely killing me today 😂), we even stood up like the pros 😂!
Like, we actually stood up and paddled across the lake, it was absolute bliss!

Even my youngest daughter donned a life jacket and joined in with the water fun, catching a ride around the lake, bobbing up and down on the waves, absolutely loving life she was . . . the eldest took her watercolours and did a spot of relaxed painting on the bank, totally in her element.
She is much more like me than i imagined.

Although, today (the day after), will be consisting of lots of pain relief and some well earned rest and relaxation for me and my achey bones —

but i’m sure with a little more practise my body will get use to paddle boarding over time. . . maybe next time i shall be a little bit more reserved instead of throwing myself (stupidly 🙄) full pelt into an activity that i have never done before 😉.
Although . . . i already can not wait for our next lake day!

. . . but for now, here is our day in a 30 second film 😉, enjoy!
happy adventures
nay nay x

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