Good deeds for Christmas

We all want to do good, there’s no doubt about it.!
Whether it’s for ourselves, others , our loved ones, the planet or society at large. No matter how big or small, good deeds carry a double punch β€” we make a positive impact and we feel great at the same time.

At Christmas we are reminded of the power that a kind gesture, word, loving action or connection can have upon another. It’s the time of giving, the time of helping and the time to show our love. A single loving action like this towards another person, can suddenly remind us of who we are, what we believe in and the importance of ‘love and kindness’.Β 
It can remind us why we all need to feel that connection with another human being and free us from that internalised thought processes of selfish and self-serving behaviour, that more often than not makes us feel more isolated, self-important and trapped within ourselves.
Those who do more good deeds will also produce far greater levels of dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins β€” all those ‘feel-good’ hormones which are vital and highly beneficial to our mental wellbeing.

Let me introduce you to my Christmas good deed cards!

As a family, we love spreading a little Christmas cheer wherever we can. And so – to get my children more involved with the festivities, I designed my very own 24 days of Christmas good deed cards!

The aim is, that each night you leave a different good deed card out for your little ones to find the next morning that they are to complete throughout the day. This could be as part of your β€œelf on the shelf” plans or maybe to start a new tradition of your very own!

There are no β€˜correct’ ways to complete these cards. You can choose to place out whichever card you see fit . . . Visiting a family member tomorrow? Then why not use the β€œvisit a relative and be on your best behaviour” card. Or maybe you fancy a spot of festive baking? Why not try the β€œGift a tasty treat” card and tick off your good deed for the day?

There are two designs of the good deed cards available and even a print at home version! I have, hopefully, made sure to cover a wide variety of good deeds within the cards that your little ones can complete and get all those feel good vibes flowing.
Some are little ways that we can be more loving and kind towards others, some are family fun tasks that we can all share the moment and there are some that are a little more thoughtful and giving ways to show how we can help others this festive season.

However you decided to play your cards this year, I hope that you find yourselves full of happiness, love, Christmas cheer and have an absolutely wonderful festive season!

nay nay x

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