Let’s sleep under the stars

It’s been a while since we last had the tent out. I think it’s been around 4/5 years. That’s not because we don’t like camping anymore or had a bad experience I think it was just pure laziness. You see, we had a few carvanning holidays and hotel stays away over those years and getting the tent out just seemed like a right mare.

But we took the plunge and booked a week away with the kids, in the tent. I actually forgot how much stuff we have! I suppose it’s better to take too much than not enough. Campings one of those holidays where you have to pack for every eventuality, rain, shine, dirt, accidents, you’re gonnna need extra stuff!

Anyways, we packed the (humongous!) trailer and off we went.

After a three hour-ish drive – including a little pit stop at Bala Lake along the way – we made it to our little campsite in Wales. It’s a beaut! Right next to the beach with all the amenities you need. Showers, toilets, play park, shop, pub, club house, kids entertainment. It’s cheap and cheerful and it’s great fun.


Pretty much as soon as we got there, the kids were out of the car and straight to the play park – which was great for mum and dad as we managed to get the tent up with no fuss … well I say no fuss, we actually forgot how to put the tent up… poles were in, poles were out, poles were back in … but it was ok, we were cool about it, no argueing, not even one cross words, we just giggled and cracked on! I was amazed!

Once we all set up, it was time for a beer … after a family selfie obviously… so we headed to the chippy for tea and the onsite club house for a beverage or two. The kids loved it! A bit of karaoke on the stage, they made friends quickly at the park and us parents got to chill.


Our youngest daughter can’t remember camping as she was only around the age of one the last time we went so she was super excited to be staying up past dark and using a torch to walk back to the tent. It was all so exciting!

Over the week, we spent lots of time at the beach, which was just heavenly! I mean, the bank holiday weather really helped, it was scorching and we all came home a little bit tan-tastic! The kids swam in the sea – it was far to cold for mum! – they dune jumped on the sand, dug holes, built sandcastles, collected sea shells, enjoyed picnic lunches and leisurely strolls. We took a trip or two into the local town of Barmouth, such a cute and quirky little place this is. As we used to camp here a lot we know the shops, so we were straight to ‘Eberneezers Cafe’ and ‘The Fat Buddha’ to stock up on incense sticks and have a mooch about. Ah my faves! Oh and not forgetting the ice cream, we had lots of ice cream, if you’re ever in Barmouth, you need to visit Knickerbockers Ice Cream Parlour…. it’s ridiculously delicious!

We had breakfast outside, cooked dinner in the sunshine, had a roaring fire pit, ate S’mores, shared sparklers with friends in the dark, enjoyed the fair, stayed up late, had freedom, relaxed and realised just how fab camping actually can be!

The whole week away just made me fall back in love with camping. Just the freeness of it all. How laid back it all is. Who cares if it’s passed bedtime and we’re still digging away on the beach? Who cares if we all ate a chocolate bar for breakfast because we slept in late? Or if we had a beer before midday! (I know, I know, the scandal!) It’s ok to not follow the routine and break away from the schedule once in a while. Just switch off. Let the kids be little, let them run wild, it’s camping! We all need a bit of freedom from time to time and I think that’s what camping is all about. Just being free.


do you enjoy camping? When was the last time you got the tent out and got back to basics?

happy adventures

nay nay x



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  1. thatladyfromeurope says:

    I’ve been camping recently. For me it’s ok for few days, then it becomes slightly annoying and I always wonders how people do with kids or for longer holidays. I guess for the little ones camping is actually some kind of a special treat. But I see your pictures: a good tent helps a lot!!! 😀

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