The A-Z of me

I can’t remember where I saw the tag of an A – Z of me, and i’m probably a little behind with the trend, but I liked the idea so today I thought i’d give it a go.

It’s pretty fun to do, a lot harder than I thought, but it really makes you think about what makes you, well, you!

So here is my AZ of me



I love going on an adventure. Whether it’s a day trip, a long weekend away, a hike around the wilderness or a late night trip to tesco’s! What’s not to enjoy! I’d love to go on a month long summer camper van adventure! That’s the goal!


I really enjoy blogging and sharing all my stories and adventures – albeit I am slacking at the moment but I have so many notes and things to write. I just need some extra time!


Clover is my little bunny boy! He’s so fluffy and just adorable! He’s a house bunny and spends most of his day following me about the house! Too cute!




Dday dreamer

I spend so much time day dreaming … about anything really. From places I want to visit to re-decorating the house to travelling the world when I’m old and grey!


I love food. Like literally love food! I think food is a huge aspect of my life, I’m always interested in food, working with food, trying new food, watching things about food and of course, thinking about food. Quite a lot.

A-z of me - food


I really wish I was one of those girls that was high into fitness, like getting up at 5am for a work out, eating everything green and organic – when really alls I’m into is fitting this whole damn doughnut in my mouth!

A-z of me - fitness


But only in the mornings … until I’ve had my coffee. Ha! I am not an early bird or a morning person. I need “my minutes” when I first wake up, alone time, to slowly awake. I can’t be having a full blown conversation until I’ve had my minutes.


I am a total hippie at heart and I’m cool with that. I love anything that’s a little bit quirky, bohemian, gypsy-style.


A full on introvert! I keep my circle small. I really find it difficult to make small talk, I don’t enjoy mingling with new people at parties, I basically look like a right miserable cow! – but I’m not, it just takes time for me to “come out of my shell”.


I am really enjoying my life journey at the moment. I have had lots of ups and downs and struggles along the way, but right now I’m in a happy place and it’s great!

A-z of me - journey

Kkiller heels

I think they are beautiful, but since having children I have discovered that I can no longer wear them for more than about 5 minutes, unless I’m sitting down. I just don’t have time for heels. Is that old age?!


I couldn’t really think of anything for ‘L’ but this is something I have been through twice now with my girls and they’re days that I will never forget. The first one being 33 hours long with no pain relief … the second time I had pain relief! Wasn’t making that mistake again!


I live for the moments … currently there is a thunder storm over our house, both my girls ran into the conservatory and we all watched through the glass roof as the lightening filled the sky whilst the heavy rain fell – a moment right there!


My soul home, I couldn’t love this place any more than I do. It simply makes my soul happy.

A-z of me - newquay


I absolutely love nothing more than a beach day by the ocean. I could happily sit in silence and listen to the waves all day long.


I have lots of house plants. They look so pretty and it always makes me feel good to see them growing knowing I helped them. I especially like my dangley plants!

A-z of me - plants


Sometimes, I really need everything and everyone to be quiet. I love the quiet and I relish in it sometimes – especially if there’s been noise around me for a long time.

RRaynaud’s Phenomenon

A proper pain! Literally – but I’m learning to live with it along with my many other health conditions. Ugh!


Ugh, yuk! nuff said!

T travel – tea

I love travelling, although I’m not a very good traveller. I hate flying, but I do it otherwise I’d never see the world. Sailing / ferry journey, I am the worst, definite sea sick no doubt about it. Car rides I’m ok with as long as the musics good!

I also love tea! Like literally love tea! I couldn’t leave tea off the list. Anything herbal, fresh and fruity! I drink endless cups of herbal tea!




I cant stand it! It stresses me out. It needs to be clean! Just put stuff away!


I grow some of my own vegetables which i think is awesome! I’m really looking forward to summer when all my salad type vegetables will be ready – I do love a colourful salad.

A-z of me - vegetables


I love the weather, rain or shine. I could sit and listen to the rain all day and I don’t mind going for a stroll in it either. Winter is my favourite month, I’m a proper hygge girl. Although summer is great too, I do love a good festival, a hot summers day at the beach or a back garden bbq with friends.


Surely this is everyone’s ‘X’ right? What’s not to love? I love the run up, getting organised, planning all the festive outings, decorating the house, stressing over presents, staying in, snowballs, getting snug, Christmas tv, winter stews – Aah it’s ace!





I’m so glad I’m into Yoga otherwise I would have struggled trying to think of something for Y! But luckily I am and Yoga is now a part of my life. I started dabbling in Yoga when I was first diagnosed with anxiety and loved it for all the benefits – health, fitness, flexibility and mentally. It’s really changing my life…. and I can almost touch my toes!

A-z of me - yoga


Oh I love sleep! I do not get enough of it for a fact and it’s mainly my own fault for staying up too late every night, but I wish I could sleep for like a whole 24 hours! Oh the dream!

I really enjoyed doing this and I’d love to find out more about YOU so if you have a blog, please allow me to openly tag you 🙂

If you do end up doing the post, post it to me so I can check it out!


happy adventures

nay nay x





6 Comments Add yours

  1. bmwup says:

    I found this really uplifting!

    I was a bit shocked when I got to ‘L’ though..!

    Food and sleep on the list though…I’m with you on those.

    Your posts make me smile.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. simmianbob says:

    Hi this was a fun read. Well written and I like the layout of your blog its nicely presented and laid out well done 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nay nay says:

      Thank you so much


  3. Hey there Nay nay, how you doing!? I just went through your blog and its totally fab, keep up this effort love and have a nice day! ❤
    Looking forward to reading from your blog more 🙂
    You have a new follower 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nay nay says:

      Oh thats so sweet of you to say. Thank you so much. I do really enjoy my blogging – although I know I could do more!
      Have a great week x

      Liked by 1 person

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