Homeschooling week two

Homeschooling might raise a few eyebrows and that’s ok! I know it’s hard for some families and I understand it can be difficult with more than two children in the house, a husband, juggling children, house chores, working from home etc, but whether you’re homeschooling or letting it slide, you’re doing a great job! There’s…

Follow your heart

You only live once – but if you do it properly – once is enough!

February fun!

Sometimes, alls you need is to break the routine and have some fun!

10 things that make me laugh

You know what I’m talking about. Those little things that shouldn’t make you laugh but somehow you end up in fits of giggles. (Don’t feel bad … I think they’re pretty damn funny too!) Funny memes –Β  Oh wow! There are some hilarious memes out there, the ones that really get me laughing out loud…