Easter scavenger hunt

Easter is one of our favourite holidays in our house!

Not that we are religious – we just like to have fun . . . and of course there’s chocolate! I mean So. Much. chocolate! Ha ha, and who doesn’t love that!
I’ll confess, my daughters used to get so much chocolate for Easter off all of their relatives we couldn’t possibly eat it all, we would end up giving food away! These days, we tend to gift them a chocolate egg (of course), a few minis and then other items such as gardening items, seeds, grow your own sets, pyjamas, activity sets that sort of stuff – BUT my kids highlight of Easter (and I think this is why they love it so much) is my Easter egg scavenger hunt!

They have so much fun running around the house and garden, searching for clues, finding little jokes and working out where the next clue could be hidden until they get to their end result – their big eggs and or treats!

This year, we want you all to join us on this fun Easter mission!
You’re kids will love it! I have taken all the hard work out for you as well. All’s you need to do is download your printables and hit that print button (if you don’t have a printer, drop me a message and I will happily post a set out to you).

Check out our video from 2020 –

The set up – I use plastic eggs that pop open, like the kind you find inside a kinder egg. You can pick these up pretty cheap online or at the craft stores, but you don’t have to have these, just hiding the clues is enough. Each egg gets a clue inside. I use two sets of eggs, one for each child of mine. Along with the clue, I like to add a little something like a mini egg, toy chick or a little joke.. again, you do not need to do this in able to do the scavenger hunt.
Each clue leads on to the next one. There is no particular order and I have designed 24 clues to try and cover all basis for all households.
Eg. β€˜The next clue is such a breeze, it’s hiding where you put the ice cream to ______!’ FREEZE! Quick, head to the freezer and find your next clue! Inside the freezer, the next clue could say β€˜Wow! That was quick, two minutes flat, now go take a look under the door ___!’ MAT! and so on and so on. You can choose to do however many clues you like, there is no obligation to do all 24.

Included in the set are 24 clue cards, 12 jokes, 3 pages of decorations, an instruction
leaflet and an answer sheet (not that I think you will need it).
The set comes as a digital download for you to print at home, cut out and hide around your house. Easy Peasy!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to bynaynay now and print your Easter scavenger hunt!

happy adventures
nay nay x

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