Homeschooling week nine

Last weeks half term week was such a blast!
but with daddy heading back to work this week we made sure that we used up our last bit of time together wisely.

We completed our list of jobs that we wanted to finish around the home, we played with the children, we travelled further afield to find some spectacular walks and we celebrated daddy’s birthday and spent the day in the sunshine at the waterfalls. It was absolute bliss.
But now we’re back to some kind of normality. Homeschooling for the kids and daddy’s back to work. Luckily I get to stay home and keep my children safe – but there’s so much to learn. Here’s how our first week back went . . .

Homeschooling week nine - nay nays adventure

Straight into the school work today! We sat down together and came up with a new rota / school system that would work for us all. Then we started with this weeks spellings practise. The girls were excited to start the week. They do love a routine!  Our theme for this term is woodland habitats with nature and a little bit of eco friendliness thrown in there for good measure. So we began to learn about the ten different land habitats there are in the world and whittled them down to the woodlands. Lucky for us we have woodlands right behind our house so on field trip Friday we shouldn’t have to go too far! Bonus! After lunch it was maths class, we finished off some work sheets we hadn’t had time to complete last term.

Homeschooling week nine - nay nays adventure


We start the day with handwriting practise and comprehensive reading practise for the eldest. I must say, I am so proud of the little one, her handwriting is coming along so strong now! Just before lunch it was time for p.e – this is great because I get to relax with a coffee whilst they work up a sweat with GoNoodle online, he he!
We are also learning about healthy foods this term, so after lunch it was science class (maybe?), we had a reading text about a Mexican bean burger and a few questions to answer about what goes into the food etc. We also designed healthy food diet pyramids, discussed vitamins and how they work and to end the day we did a fun healthy food game of β€˜Cluedo’ – the girls absolutely love solving these, which is fab because it’s just maths! Winning!

Homeschooling week nine - nay nays adventure


Wednesdays have become our β€˜Wellbeing Wednesdays’. I think it’s very important to keep a check on your mental health, especially the kids going through this very strange time right now. So we began our day with a wellbeing exercise book. We discussed different emotions, feelings and how we can and can’t control certain things. We wrote a list of positive and negatives about being in lockdown and tried to find more positives than negatives . . . Of course my youngest is loving the fact she gets to watch YouTube! After lunch we moved back onto our themed work of habitats, they chose an animal each and researched the things they need to survive and how they live in the woodlands. I must say I was quite impressed with their work!

Homeschooling week nine - nay nays adventure


Thursdays start was a little bit slow, I think the kids are a little bit out of sync with the early mornings this week. We jumped straight into some English work. The eldest tried out a SATS grammar test – which she scored very high on – well done! and the little one practised her capital letters, full stops, apostrophes and connective words. We then moved onto the Father’s Day printables and used our best handwriting! After lunch it was a spot of maths and school was over for the day!

nay nays adventure - Father’s Day Printable


The kids arrived to school on their bus they had fashioned out of a cardboard this morning. We did laugh!  We had planned a little field trip for today but the weather has let us down with the heavy rain so it was spelling test this morning which they both scored high on! Yay! A quick English lesson on clauses and connective words and then it was straight onto art class. The kids favourite (and mine)!
We made our own dream catchers! Looking good girls!

Homeschooling week nine - nay nays adventure
And that was our week!

As a treat, we had a drive out to fetch us some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and oh my gosh it was worth it! So delicious! We also treated the kids to a McDonald’s which they were absolutely over the moon about – however, me and daddy weren’t too impressed after living on fresh, homemade cooking and bbqs for the last three months. The boy has become master of the barbie these last few months and got my veggie / vegan burgers down to a T. The beauty of lockdown – We’ve all gained new skills!

happy adventures

nay nay x


Homeschooling week nine - nay nays adventureHomeschooling week nine - nay nays adventureHomeschooling week nine - nay nays adventureHomeschooling week nine - nay nays adventureHomeschooling week nine - nay nays adventure

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