Homeschooling week seven

I remember asking my teachers when I would ever need the math that they were teaching me.
Not one, not a single one of them, said that I would need it to teach my daughters during a plague!

This week didn’t quite go as I had planned but it turned out to be a pretty good week!


we started the day back to school with maths class, telling time and SATs revision. We had one to one time with each other, we talked through the SATs papers and made clocks to help us with learning to tell the time. Both girls did great! Later we made pin wheels for the flower pots in the garden. The girls absolutely love arts and crafts class so it was no surprise that they enjoyed making these. Later we went for a a little drive out in the car to a beautiful little spot about half an hour away from our home for a walk around and to collect some nature. It’s so nice to be able leave the house for a stroll these days. Just what we all needed.

Homeschooling week seven - nay nays adventure


We had to cram extra work in today – much to the kids dismay – but we decided to find a secluded place for a picnic tomorrow as the weather forecast is set to be hot hot hot! We had cursive practise, more telling time, story writing and area and permeate calculating oh, and some number bonds just for good measure! After lunch it was den building, clay play and device time! – My girls have limited time on their phones and iPads, this is only because they’ll sit on them all day if they were allowed – watching somebody else play a game or opening a blooming kinder egg!

Homeschooling week seven - nay nays adventure


And it’s el Scorchio!  The fab sunny weather we’ve been having in Britain during lockdown sure does help matters! It’s been glorious! So we packed up our picnics and jumped in the car,  it really knowing where we were heading we ended up around an hour or two away from home parked in a lay by next to a stream. It was beautiful. We had lunch by the stream, packed our lunch away and walked upstream, over mountains, down steep hills, through train tunnels, across bridges, through the woods until we found an amazing secluded little hideaway to spend the day. It was bliss! We say by the waterfalls, played in the stream, relaxed in the sun and just enjoyed the moment. It was pure heaven! Totally worth the hike!

Homeschooling week seven - nay nays adventure

After getting home so late yesterday, school was not happening today. It was 10:30pm by the time we got home last night. The kids slept in so so late today and we’re absolutely shattered! We checked our fit bits and we had walked just under 20,000 steps yesterday, so it’s no surprise that the girls haven’t moved from off the sofa all day! . . . We did squeeze a diary entry in though. The girls wrote about their β€œepic day” yesterday. Early nights all round!

Homeschooling week seven - nay nays adventure

Its grandmas birthday today so we were out for a socially distant birthday present delivery on their driveway. The grandparents were over the moon to see us all. It was so lovely. Daddy had made a β€˜Cuddle Sheetβ€˜ for grandma out of a shower curtain and some bin bags so that she could have a cuddle with the girls. Oh the tears did flow!

Homeschooling week seven - nay nays adventure

We have around one more week left in lockdown until workplaces and schools start to re-open and the world returns to some kind of normality β€” and to be honest, I’m totally not ready for that just yet. These last few months have really brought us all together as a family within our household. At the start of lockdown I dreaded the thought of having the fella and the kids home with me 24/7 and homeschooling, I thought it would be all bickering, tantrums, boredom and absolute chaos. . . But in reality, it’s been the best time for us all. We’ve bonded. We’re closer. Everyone is happy. Everyone is loved and I love our little bubble.

Of course we are missing all the other family members terribly and the kids are absolutely dying for more cuddles and sleep overs with their grandparents too – but for now, we’re home, we’re safe and I only have one week left of this, so we’re determined to make the most of it!

Homeschooling week seven - nay nays adventureHomeschooling week seven - nay nays adventureHomeschooling week seven - nay nays adventureHomeschooling week seven - nay nays adventureHomeschooling week seven - nay nays adventureHomeschooling week seven - nay nays adventureHomeschooling week seven - nay nays adventureHomeschooling week seven - nay nays adventure

happy adventures

nay nay x


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