The eco tribe


Being green is more than just buying ‘eco’.

 If there’s anything I love more than posting snail mail, it’s being eco friendly.

Eco tribe -the jolly pixie

Over the years, myself and my family have become a lot more “Eco” and sustainable with what we use and buy within our household. Which I think is fab! One small step for us in saving planet earth.
If we could all just do our bit, we’d have a huge impact on the planet.
Eco tribe -the jolly pixieI’m always trying to find ways to be more resourceful, reuse and recycle. Now I’m not saying we’re one of those families that’s major into the eco life, never putting anything into the bin – and congrats to those who are, really, but we are trying. We have reduced our plastic waste, we recycle where we can, we grow some of our own vegetables and fruits, we switched from cling film to wax wraps, plastic cotton buds to bamboo buds, refilling instead of repurchasing, reusable face wipes and a few other items around our house.

Eco tribe -the jolly pixieBut what I am really trying to do is instill good eco practises into my children.

No littering, don’t waste water, save the bees, grow it – cook it – eat it.
These days making sure that your child is an eco-conscious kid is one of the best ways to raise them, I think. Many parents are doing their best to teach their children skills that will serve them when they become adults and being eco friendly sometimes can be overlooked. It’s important to teach your children how to love and care for the environment. It’s good to teach these things at such a tender age as this will be part of their character in adulthood.

So that’s why I am starting my own little ‘eco tribe’!

Eco tribe -the jolly pixie

As part of the eco tribe you will receive monthly, super-fun snail mail that I can post directly to your little ones, full of advice, nature loving tips, activities to try, eco friendly ideas and much more. I will also have FREE downloads and printables available!

Now who wouldn’t want to be part of that awesomeness ?!

Eco tribe -the jolly pixieSign up – for free!

Its simples, all you have to do for the FREE print at home version is subscribe your email to the form below with your name and email address – if you have any troubles, or would like me to do it manually for you, just drop me an email or alternatively,  pop over to the jolly pixie on Facebook. Send me a quick message with your email address and I shall sign you up!

happy adventures

nay nay x

Eco tribe - mayEco tribe -may

Please Note : snail mail will be charged but only with your 
permission, you will of have had contact with me, so please do 
not, not sign up thinking that you will be charged, you won’t!

Eco tribe -the jolly pixieEco tribe may

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