Homeschooling week six

Every child has a different style of learning and pace. Each child is unique!


Of course we’ve had our difficult days, schooling from home isn’t a walk in the park. It definitely does help to understand how each child works. How they cope with difficult situations and how they learn.

I have two completely different children. Which is fab! They both have their own interests, they’re both unique and that’s great, I absolutely adore their individuality  – but when it comes to teaching them, it can sometimes be quite tricky, one child loves to learn, loves to read and write and will give her hand to anything. Whereas the other child learns better through being creative and one on one teaching. Which can be a struggle some days when I’m trying to teach them their curriculum – but I think I have managed to find a good balance between the both of them now.
Here’s our week . . .


I just can’t seem to get back into the swing of things on a Monday at the moment. We didn’t do any school work! β€” but I’m sure the kids will be ok, they will survive! We did however make pastry from scratch and bake a pie, we played outside, scootered around the estate, built a play car out of a cardboard box and had endless hours of fun. A Monday well spent if you ask me!

Homeschool week six -nay nays adventure


Today was a crafty day to start, we up-cycled empty tin cans into funky pen pots. The girls enjoyed it and it kept them busy. We also designed some scratchy magnet rainbows for the fridge that are looking super. Next we moved onto some cursive handwriting practise for the youngest – which she reeeeally doesn’t want to do, but god knows she needs the practise! and some SATs workbook revision for the eldest – which she doesn’t seem to mind to be honest – she likes a good routine!

Homeschool week six -nay nays adventure


A little bit more cursive practise and a spot of grammar and punctuation practise for the girls today. They woke up in such good moods and ready for school which is always a bonus! Later we went for a walk along the path behind our house – which we haven’t done for years and years! It’s crazy, our fence panels in the garden literally stop us from seeing this beauty! It was just gorgeous! I can’t believe it’s been so long since we walked the other side of the panels! Absolute madness! We collected nature for arts and crafts, skimmed some stones, watched the ducks on the water and roamed down the β€œsecret” paths we found. Such a lovely day.

Homeschool week six -nay nays adventure



Spellings today! I’m not too sure if I’m doing a good job at teaching these pair or if they just got a good deal with this weeks words but they aced it! Well done girls! We wrote a short story about our families and drew a picture too. After lunch we moved onto sewing class. The little one was a little disinterested as it was a bit too fiddly for her but she gave it a go. The eldest child made a stuffed owl which actually looks pretty dam good for her very first sewing class! Super proud! Later we went for our daily exercise bike ride along the canal – it’s just so beautiful where we live.

Homeschool week six -nay nays adventure


It’s national families day today, so we started the day learning about our family tree – we only went back to the children’s grandparents so that they could grasp the idea of actually drawing and naming parts of a family tree, but they did an awesome job! We completed some fun activities such as family word searches, family crosswords and played a little family maths game which we found on the internet. Later we had a drive to nannies house as it’s her birthday, so we socially distanced ourselves on the driveway to pass the disinfected presents on – the things you do in lockdown, ha!

Homeschool week six -nay nays adventure

Next week, I think we shall get back onto the school work a lot more, I don’t want to get stuck-in-a-rut with not doing anything. My children love a daily routine, literally if I haven’t started school by nine a.m, then they are hounding me to get started! Like whoaaaaa kids, I’m on my holidays, ha ha, lazy mornings and all that!
I need my coffee!
I have a lot more hands on crafts to make, a file full of paperwork for them to get through and hopefully the weather will be nice enough to get our daily outdoor activities in.

I know the lockdown has been lifted slightly at the moment and we can wander freely-ish and I am absolutely dying to get myself to that beach – but part of me just doesn’t feel too safe heading out and about to public places just yet.
I like our little bubble that we are living in at the moment, yes we’re missing our families and the grandparents are missing the kids tremendously – but it’s still for the best right now.
We’re having lots of fun as a family, we’re learning and being creative. There’s no crap from the outside world, no putting on appearances for everyone else’s benefit, we can wear what we want and feel comfy without being judged, it’s just bliss . . .
Maybe I am just a hermit??

happy adventures

nay nay x

Homeschool week six -nay nays adventureHomeschool week six -nay nays adventure

Homeschool week six -nay nays adventureHomeschool week six -nay nays adventureHomeschool week six -nay nays adventureHomeschool week six -nay nays adventureHomeschool week six -nay nays adventureHomeschool week six -nay nays adventureHomeschool week six -nay nays adventureHomeschool week six -nay nays adventure

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