Homeschooling week five

Is my motto this week.
It can be difficult staying indoors. We need fresh air. We need to explore. We need to see the sights. 

Here’s what we got up to . . .

Inset day! ha ha . . . More like mummy was far too tired and desperately in need to leave the house! So we took ourselves to the outdoors and we found a lovely local place to get ourselves lost on our bikes. It was such a beautiful, sunny day. We collected sticks for this weeks art class, found an amazingly green swamp. Daddy even carried me a huge fallen branch home for my macramΓ© (- which I totally cant wait tot get started on!) Then 8 miles later we made it back home! Oh how our little legs ache! The girls did so well. I think we all needed to get into nature for a few hours and dust our selves off. We are missing the outside world.

Well, I was up nice and early to try and get my body clock back into some kind of routine and actually sleep at night. Tiredness is killing me off!
As it’s VE Day this Friday, we spent the day making decorations and learning about why we celebrate the day itself. We discussed what it would of been like in 1945 celebrating VE Day and how it would be so much different celebrating then and now. We watched a few online videos about WW2, made our own bunting and flags and did some research online.

The dreaded maths class today! I upped my eldest’s game and tried her hand at a bit of algebra! Oh my days maths is haaaaaard! (for me anyways!). I’m sure I’ve not used algebra since I left school? But she loves a challenge so this was really good for her and she did so well at it, I was impressed! . We revised telling the time for the youngest, number bonds and times tables. Later, we had a bike ride around our estate and let the girls blow off some steam.

We took a drive!
I know, the shock, right! I haven’t driven the car in seven weeks! So we decided to pile in the car and take a drive out to see some countryside. We never got out of the car, we saw no one, except green fields and a few moo cows in the road – which the kids thought was amazing! It was so nice and refreshing seeing outside of our home estate. I think it did us all the world of good to be honest. When we got back home, we cleaned up our sticks that we had collected on Monday’s bike ride and we made some plant pots using the sticks and empty tin cans. They do look pretty impressive!


It’s VE Day today. The whole neighbourhood is celebrating 75 years since the end of World War Two. The flag was hung with pride and the street was an endless sea of British bunting. It’s difficult to celebrate during lockdown as we can’t all be together – but we all distantly came together on our front driveways and gardens to have a socially distant natter over the hedge and share a celebratory drink over the fence. It was so nice to see everyone. Neighbours that we haven’t seen for weeks. We met neighbours we didn’t even know we had and had a chat with some of the more regular faces. It definitely helped some of the more lonelier neighbours that’s for sure. We shared cake and made new friends, listened to 1940’s music and shared our stories. It was a fabulous day all round. The kids chalked the pavement and played across the street from each other – and virtually on their phones! We sat out till the early hours and relaxed under the stars.
It’s a shame that it has taken such a world wide pandemic to bring the neighbourhood together like it did – I definitely think that there will be more events like this for us all to share now. The community spirit is amazing around here and we couldn’t be happier where we live with our neighbours!

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