Home schooling week three

Homeschooling will have ups and downs.
You can do it. You, mum, are doing a great job!
Do not give up!

Well, we were straight back to it this week after the two weeks Easter holidays. The kids were eager to start their new β€˜term’ at home. I, however was not quite prepared so I spent most of the week completely winging it, ha! They’ve enjoyed their lessons though and learned some new topics so all in all, it’s been a good week for us.
Here’s what we got up to . . .


After a little chat with one of the school teachers, I found out that the kids next topic that they would normally be starting to learn this term is the Titanic – I seriously only watched the film for the first time a couple of months ago. I remember learning a tiny bit about it at high school – but I’m sure I used to skip this class! Tut, tut, tut! So it was straight to the internet for me for a bit of basic information and what a better way to start the new term … let’s watch the film! Winning! Both kids loved it – which came in handy because they could answer most questions that I’d found online about this terms curriculum. . . After I’d dried my eyes from all the tears! Seriously this film!
Later we had some art fun with the paints in the garden.

nay nays adventure - homeschooling week three

We started the day with a bit of P.E – one child loved it, one child absolutely did not. Never mind, time for a snack break and straight onto some maths work booklets. Today was decimal placements and sorting tens and ones for the littlest one. We finished the day with a spot of English. Text reading and answering related questions. Phew! Play time! The ducks came for a visit in the garden so we fed them some bird seed. Also we ordered the children new bikes as they had outgrown their old ones, so we had a lovely 4 mile bike ride in the sunshine testing out their new rides.

nay nays adventure - homeschooling week three


Ugh! Maths! Definitely not my strong point what so ever, crickey, I can’t even count properly, let alone help with long division! – but we got there in the end. The kids school have been amazing putting helping videos up on the net so I joined a class and taught myself how to long divide so I could help to teach the kids.
An extended lunch break followed, ha! We got creative with our imagination, designing invitations for a party. When, where, who, a rhyming verse, colouring, the works. They were looking pretty awesome kids!
Later, we lit the fire pit in our back garden, wrapped up warm and settled down with some sleepy tea, ready to watch the star show in the night sky. I was absolutely amazed at how much the kids knew about space. We searched for planets using an app on my phone, we saw shooting stars, satellites and space stations, incredible!

nay nays adventure - homeschooling week three

Well, what can I about Thursday – school was out! Everybody slept in very late due to last nights late night, so it was a very lazy afternoon for us. It was also my step fathers 60th birthday, we should be celebrating with him this weekend but thanks to lockdown all plans are cancelled. So we took a short drive in the car to deliver his presents to the front door, a quick knock and run! It’s a shame we can’t spend time with our families at the moment but it’s for the greater good and we wouldn’t want to see any of them poorly. We totally slobbed for the rest of the day, ate junk food, watched films and did absolutely nothing. Bliss!

nay nays adventure - homeschooling week three

Last day of schooling, woo hoo! We made it another week and we’re all still alive, ha ha! After a lovely phone call from one of the school teachers we took the class outside to enjoy the glorious sunshine. We started the day with some cursive handwriting practise, decimal placement, long multiplication and finally some crafts building 3D alien shapes. This was fun because the kids enjoyed making the shapes, cutting and sticking and I got to β€œcasually” quiz them about the shapes sides, faces, vertices and symmetry. Winning! We also gathered leaves and flowers to make some wax crayon rubbings. Art class done! Here’s to the weekend!

nay nays adventure - homeschooling week three

School was out and the kids head straight for the garden to build a den! Obvs!
It’s not all been work, work, work, this week. We’ve had fun too! There’s been bike rides, BBQ’s, bubble play, glow stick fun, board games, tie dye creations, frisbee play, cookery learning, planted seeds, outdoor painting, we dyed our hair and played unlimited card games – we actually taught the girls to play black jack, chase the ace and jack change it, and they’re loving it!

I have, however, planned next weeks lessons. Being unorganised and unprepared completely threw me out of sync this week. So I have my planner, worksheets, resources and everything in between colour coded and organised.
Homeschooling week four β€” bring it on!


happy adventures

nay nay x

nay nays adventure - homeschooling week threenay nays adventure - homeschooling week threenay nays adventure - homeschooling week threenay nays adventure - homeschooling week threenay nays adventure - homeschooling week threenay nays adventure - homeschooling week three

nay nays adventure - homeschooling week three

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  1. julie says:

    Great job, Mama! It looks like you’re doing an awesome job homeschooling! Welcome to the homeschooling world.


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