Follow your heart

I’m not really sure where to start here, i’ll be honest. I think it’s just playing on my mind. Maybe it’s my anxiety, I’m not sure? 
Have you ever had someone say something to you that just irritates the inner you? Yet you bite your tongue, even though days, even weeks later it’s still bugging you?

Maybe I’ll start at the beginning …

Someone told me that my life was “so boring!” the other week. My initial thought was, well screw you, Mr. Perfect! at the time, but of course I didn’t say that, I just laughed it off and carried on with my day – but it’s been bugging me for the last couple of weeks now. I’m not even too sure why in all honesty! I really don’t think my life is “boring” at all!

January and February have been difficult months for me, for personal reasons (that I won’t go into) and health issues have been an absolute mare, but I have never once moaned or been all “woe is me” – listen to all my problems – to the outside world about it. I just put a brave face on and crack on with my day. Yes, I’ve had my down days as well as my ups. Don’t we all? I’ve figured out some solutions to my problems and had a lot of help from professionals too and I am happily going on my merry little way with life. 

56938A8D-5FF1-4056-A3AD-D3C0B3E7423EThese last few months have been all about ‘getting back to me’, figuring out how to help and deal with my autoimmune diseases (ugh! Yes more than one!), resting and keeping well.

There’s been a lot of big changes in my life recently too, all for the better.

No we haven’t been having as many family adventures as I would of liked but it’s been absolutely fine. Mine and my families health and wellness will always come first. And what kids don’t want a happy mum? My girls are very understanding and supportive of me and they do realise that life isn’t all about spending the day out and splashing the cash — Not to say that we have all been stuck in the house whilst I figure things out. We have still had days out, celebrated birthdays, thrown parties, dined out, day tripped, visited the seaside etc   … it’s just not been broadcast on social media!

EDEE3B04-7DC7-4290-A1EA-18058D2994AASo, I totally run the risk of sounding “boring” here (and this is where the comment probably came from) but whilst I have been on my wellness journey, I have managed to teach myself a new skill, Crochet! Which, ok, might sound like an old fashioned thing to learn, but i think it’s sweet, it’s kept me busy, it’s kept my mind active and it’s also kept me from scrolling through social media every night, ignoring everyone, being glued to my phone and watching endless amounts of television (I’ve also made some pretty sweet blankets too!). And you know what, I’ve hardly been on Facebook and guess what – the world carried on turning! Strange right!?
 It really has taught me that I don’t actually need to sit there on my phone. There are other things in this world other than social media and I feel so much better about myself, not comparing myself and being validated by others! I was one for posting a picture or status daily … and now I don’t, i still do occasionally though obviously! It’s not through thinking about it, it just happened, it’s crazy! How will I survive without posting daily? The truth is … I have found a few hobbies, including crochet, I’m back into my yoga daily (totally touched my toes finally and felt absolutely epic about it! but hey, boring right? Just a girl with debilitating health conditions touching her toes, boooorrrriiing!). Oh and we also started completing a few jigsaw puzzles – which my girls absolutely love to help me with too, bonding time right there, life is good!


Also I am redecorating! Ugh I know, why did I start this again??
Well, actually it’s being a great therapeutic help, everything is looking new, fresh, clean and shiny and it’s great! Who doesn’t love a clean, freshly painted home!? It’s just bliss! You know what they say, a well decorated home can effectively put you at ease and get rid of anxiety…. and do I feel at ease, oh yes! Yes I do! My bones ache … but I’m at ease alright, ha ha! (The joys of RA!)

Anything else? What more boring crap could I get up to?? Well, I am officially in the process of eliminating foods for my AIP diet. Now, if you haven’t heard of this, it’s an Autoimmune Protocol Diet, basically it’s a very very strict, restricting diet in order to reset my immune system and hopefully become healthier. The elimination period is quite difficult and there are sooooo many foods I want to eat … and coffee! I miss my coffee! – but I’m going to see this through as I’m so hopeful for results! – I’ll just keep telling myself, it’s not a diet, it’s a healthy way of life! (I am super excited though!) Researching recipes has taken up a lot of my time, but I am learning to love it. Plant based, plant based, plant based! It’s fascinating learning how what you eat can have a massive effect on your body without you even knowing about it! 


And finally, I think … Magazines!! Do you know how long it’s been since I actually sat down and read a magazine, by myself, in silence with a hot brew? Around ten years! Since before any of my kids arrived on the scene that’s for sure, ha! and do you know how many I’ve read these past couple of months, just taking a few minutes here and there for me … around 10! (Mainly health magazines, home magazines and a few online reads). It’s been just heavenly though, I’ve learned so much, just with a spot of light reading here and there and I feel so much better for it…. and you know what, if that makes me boring, then so be it!


So, I hold my hands up, maybe me bettering myself, improving my environment, taking care of my family, my health, my wellness, keeping myself away from negativity, comparison and anything else that drains me and simply following my heart.  If that makes me a boring person … then I guess your support is not needed …For you to tell me how my life seems, your life must be so absolutely amazing. And I applaud you. For being so well put together, so perfect and having everything under control, for living your dreams and thriving at life. Well done you. 

Needless to say, I am happy, my family is happy, we are content with our lifestyle choices, we clearly live in a totally different circle to others – and that is absolutely fine. I will continue on my life journey as I see fit, as will you –

and hey! If that’s boring – I wouldn’t want be any other way! 


happy adventures

nay nay x 

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  1. That person who called you boring is in desperate need of social skills. I would stay away from people who are like that. Concentrate on yourself, it sounds like you’re doing a good job of knowing yourself and what you need. Hope March is a better month for you

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