Kids bucket list!

A new year brings lots of new goals, new achievements and definitely new dreams.

And as we are welcoming the new year, my children have made their very own bucket list for the year!

As a family, we love visiting new places, trying new activities, going on adventures and making lots of fabulous memories along the way, so it’s no doubt that there are lots of activities and days out that the children wish to do this year.

So here goes,

My children’s top 50 Bucket List Ideas for 2020!

1. Climb a mountain

2. Go camping 18/04/19C2A83B5F-A27B-4F99-AD0F-D63DF28C4CFA

3. Go in an underground cave 11/08/18CAD18B33-65BD-467A-A2B6-6A5F929042A1

4. Learn how to ride a bike without stabilisers  (02/04/2020)Homeschooling week 2 - nay nays adventure

5. Learn how to cook – ongoing!

6. Achieve a full 40 days of Lent (09/04/2020)
Kids bucket list, lent - naynaysadventure
7. Go to the beach – several times!71f91e45-152e-464d-b3a6-f5231f83868b

8. Learn how to make pottery

9. Go crabbing

10. Make ice cream from scratch

Kids bucket list 2020

11. Go to a new restaurant (pesto)


12. Grow flowers and vegetables (03/04/2020)
Homeschooling week 2 - nay nays adventure

13. Go bouldering

14. Go to a roller disco 27/03/21B8B0EF15-729D-4512-811F-A16A3CB16CE0

15. Have a holiday -Barcelona 01/07/2235E72626-A08D-4038-877E-6ADDB1526A3A

16. Learn archery

17. Ski on the slopes

18. Be a zoo keeper for a day

19. Learn calligraphy

20. Go to a silent disco

Kids bucket list 2020

21. Snorkel in the sea

22. Do the high wire tree tops

23. Earn some money

24. Go on a train

25. Visit the farm

26. Stargaze (24/04/2020)
Homeschooling week one - nay nays adventure

27. Have a picnic on the grass

28. Watch the sunrise/sunset (04/01/2020)
Kids bucket list 2020

29. Write a story book

30. Go to a water park 31/05/221A6F38BB-8977-454C-8780-64AD482AC2CF

Kids bucket list 2020

31. Make ice lollies

32. Family game night

33. Donate items to charity

34. Fly a kite

35. Go sledging

36. Bake treats for grandparents

37. Swing on a rope swing

38. Get behind a waterfall

39. Find a geocache

40. Visit a museum

Kids bucket list 2020

41. Tie-dye t shirts (14/04/2020)

nay nays adventure - homeschooling week three

42. Create a time capsule

43. Make bath bombs

44. Make a memory book

45. Visit a castle

46. Visit London

47. Watch a meteor shower

48. Run a race for charity

49. Pick and eat strawberries

50. Cook and eat outside

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Angie says:

    A great list of kids goals to do. It is always great creating memories with the children. My kids are now adults and we still look forward to a few fun experiences each year together.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Melissa says:

    There are some really great ideas on this list!
    Thanks for giving me inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

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