10 top family things to do this Christmas

Christmas is such a special time to spend with family.Β Few families take the same approach to the festive season, for some, Christmas is all about the day itself – the gifts, the feast, the mid-afternoon nap in front of the telly watching A Christmas Carol.

For others, it starts weeks beforehand with cracking Christmas excursions and festive family time – This is me, literally as the clock strikes midnight on November 31st, booom, I’m in Christmas mode! I love planning a family get together, a day trip here and there, visiting Santa’s grotto and of course making festive treats.

This year, I do feel as though we haven’t had much time to do and see as many Christmassy things, but we have had a giggle and squeezed in a few bits here and there along the way. Which had made me realise that festive family fun doesn’t have to be all about splashing the cash and seeing every Santa in the city. So here is my top ten budget festive fun ideas! Enjoy!


Decorating the Christmas tree –Β 

Obviously! Although this is a tricky situation for me, like, I really want to decorate the tree with my children and have that β€˜movie looking moment’ but oh my gosh, don’t hang that bauble there! – This year however, I let the kids go nuts decorating the tree, (literally they hung everything on one branch). I praised them and re-decorated later on. Phew!

On the first day of ChristmasMeeting Santa –

I had planned to see so many Santa’s this year at different locations from breakfasts and grottos and big events, but I have settled on a cosy festive dinner with Santa and a trip to his grotto next week. I actually can’t wait!

Santa Claus is

Christmas card making –

I love this. Both my children are very creative, so getting the craft supplies, glitters and glue sticks out is always a win in our house. It’s so sweet to have them make their own Christmas cards for other family members, I think it’s so lovely and has that personal touch.
Christmas crafts

See the festive lights –

As a kid, this is one of my favourite Christmas memories. My dad would drive us around the town to see everyone’s Christmas lights on their houses. Everywhere would be lit up so so bright and colourful, it was amazing. I love carrying this tradition on with my own children, they seem to get just as excited about the lights as I would as a child … and still do!
Christmas lights

Christmas baking –

My children love, love, love any kind of baking, from making cupcakes to huge masterpieces and pretending they’re on the Great British Bake Off! Working in the food industry however, it can be a little bit stressful for me, with kids licking the spoons and double dipping, sticky fingers and oh my gosh the mess! But I absolutely love making festive treats with them. We really enjoy baking and gifting to friends and family at Christmas time. The kids are always as proud as punch handing out their deliciousness – and so they should be!

Festive baking

Watch a Christmas film together –

Nothing says Christmas like a good ol’ Christmas movie. Grab a hot chocolate and a box of popcorn, Β pick a spot on the sofa and get cosy with some fluffy blankets. Pure bliss! Β What’s your favourite Christmas classic? I must say, I’m a sucker for Home Alone and The Santa Clause, ultimate faves!
Cosy Christmas

Build a snowman –

If you’re lucky enough to have snow this Christmas, get yourself outside with the kids, make some memories and build a snowman … or a snowdog! I know it might be freezing, (I understand completely, especially suffering with Raynauds Phenomenon, it can be excruciating being in the cold) …. but wrap up warm and share this magical time, the kids will remember these days for the rest of their lives.
Snow play

Ice skating –

Whether you’ve got a romantic date in mind or a fun afternoon with the kids, ice skating is never a bad idea. In fact, you may make some of your favorite Christmastime memories on the ice!

Festive ice skating

Donate –

Whether it’s money to a favorite charity, or toys, coats, or food to a local bank, it’s what the season of giving is all about. As a household we have donated to lots of different charities this month, from clothes and coats to the local charity and filling shoe boxes to send over seas. It’s a great way to teach the children about doing good deeds.

Christmas charity

Have a festive wander –

Mention the words β€œlong walk” to your kids and you’ll probably be greeted with grunts and moans. But heading out for a wander is an ideal activity, not only to stay active while we’re all stuffing our faces on chocolate and mince pies, but also for some time out from the festive madness. So wrap up warm and enjoy a nice big hot chocolate with all the trimmings when you get back home!
Christmas wander

However you spend the Christmas holidays this year, make sure you find the time to relax, sit back and enjoy the special moments with each other.

What are your favourite Christmassy things you like to do? Do you have any family traditions? Drop a comment below and share some festive cheer!Β 

Merry Christmas

nay nay x


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