An ultimate stress free Halloween party guide!

β€˜Tis the season of fake spider web!

Does the idea of throwing a Halloween party creep you out?
β€” Β Don’t stress! Β β€”
I have put together the ultimate checklist to help you throw a Halloween bash that will be fun for everyone!

First things first, you need to set a date. Halloween this year falls on Thursday 31st October 2019, so it’s more than likely you’ll end up throwing your party at the weekend of the 1st or 2nd November.

Next, have you chosen your venue? I usually throw our Halloween party at home, a venue would be fine also, I do think home gives it a better feel, as you can create a spooky little hovel to scare your friends!

Nay nays adventure - Halloween tips and tricks

Who’s coming? Make a guest list – You know I do love a list! If you’re throwing your party at a venue go crazy, invite the world. Having it at home? Keep it to close family and friends for a real fun night.

Don’t forget to send out your party invites in advance, some time around a month before is always a good idea. This means your guests can get it on the calendar nice and early and avoid disappointment.

Nay nays adventure - Halloween tips and tricks

Budget! Budget! Budget!
I love sticking to a budget – I do feel I have accomplished something great if I can stick to it – although, Β most parties I do tend to go a little overboard, but the thought was there I guess! How much are you prepared to spend? Things can get expensive fairly quickly.

Decorations – my absolute favourite part! It’s so much fun. But before you go spending the cash, it’s easier to pick a theme. Will it be petrifying or will there be young kids? In the past we have thrown a few different themes from the haunted house, a pumpkin patch, the graveyard and dia de los meurtos (day of the dead, my absolute fave!). You can find hundreds of easy ideas online … and a lot of the decs can easily be made yourself!

Once you have your theme you can start thinking about your costume. Will you make your own? What will you be? A zombie? A witch? Check online or your local costume store for some brilliant ideas. Aaaaaand don’t forget about the make up? Can you do you’re own Halloween face? – try avoid wearing a mask, you’ll end up taking it off five minutes after everyone has arrived. Get the face paints out and have a practise.

Nay nays adventure - Halloween tips and tricks

The more you can do in advance, the better prepared and less stressed you will be for the main event.


Buy your non perishable food and drink early or maybe ask each guest or couple to bring a dish to contribute to the buffet. I once attended a party where we all took a slow cooker with a meal in – such a great idea! Another idea is to ask your guests to bring a bottle of booze or mixer. This saves so much money!

For our Halloween parties, I make a selection of spooky cocktails and pin them to a board at the drinks station. Our friends bring a bottle of alcohol and mixer to make one of the cocktails and we all share throughout the night! Win win!

Don’t forget the tunes! Get your playlist ready.
Check out this Β list of the top 10 Halloween party songs

Β As it gets closer to the party night, get your last minute shopping done, fresh foods, fruits etc. Don’t leave this to the morning of the party.

Nay nays adventure - Halloween tips and tricks

I usually start decorating the house a day or two before the event. I know it might sound a little crazy but I do go freakin nuts for Halloween decorations, the more the better I say! Cobwebs, bats, ghouls, ghosts, skeletons, gravestones. Go mad, it’s halloween!

Have you carved your pumpkin? The day before is best for this, it will look perfect on the night and even better if you have kids,Β as you can rope them into helping with the β€œgutting”! Yuk! Check out places like Pinterest for pumpkinΒ carving ideas.

Its almost party time! Halloween is here!

Get the table cloths out, get your buffet prepared, drinks station at the ready, alcohol on (dry) ice, those last minute decoration alterations.
Get your costume on and that scary make up and you’re good to go!

Whack up those spooky tunes, grab yourself a spooky cocktail and enjoy your night!

I love Halloween, it’s my ultimate favourite holiday, let me know how your Halloween party goes!

Nay nays adventure - Halloween tips and tricks

Drop a comment with your favourite Halloween tips and tricksΒ 
and don’t forget to subscribe your email to get your hands on my free printable Halloween checklist!

Happy Halloween!

nay nay x

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