July – find what feels good!

July was a great month. It seemed to just fly by in the blink of an eye. Originally we had no plans but looking back we seemed to have done quite a bit!

I just don’t know where we find the time!

First up the garden, the driveway and the bathroom renovation was finally completed (thank goodness!) and the house is back to some kind of normality. Phew! It’s been a long dirty few weeks for our housey but it does look lush though and I am so so happy with how it’s all turned out!

I am really looking forward to sorting all of my plants and palms out now and getting a bit of greenery back into it… I must schedule a β€˜free weekend’ to just catch up on housework! (Yeah right!)


We celebrated the wedding of our close friends – in style! and we partied hard all night long. We all had a great night and even learned a few new dance routines with the kids! We wish them all the best on their married journey together.

nay nays adventure July moments

There were also some more relaxed kind of days where we found some lovely little countryside pubs for some proper English homemade grub, nom nom, with gorgeous views too. It’s well worth a drive out to find such little gems sometimes. We had bike rides along the canal and eventually we sorted the vegetable garden out at home and harvested lots of fresh potatoes and carrots.. this makes me very happy!

There were also some lazy picnics by the lake and a few days spent at the park. I do love the simplest of days.



Next up was the girls dance show weekend. This was an epic weekend for us all. The girls first live performances. They were so excited to be part of something so big. They had their hair and make up done beautifully and were feeling like a million dollars – and a little bit nervous about the whole thing, but they carried on in style! We sat and waited until their show started at the theatre and yup! I cried! Pretty much all the way through it! It was so lovely watching them have so much fun on stage doing something that they enjoy. I hope they get to do so much more in the future. Such a fantastic experience for us all.



Mid July was the start of the school summer holidays too β€” and boy were we excited!

So much to see and do and to cram into just six weeks off school. How would we ever fit it all in? The schedule was printed off and pinned on the fridge to make me feel like some kind of organised mum! Oh how I laugh!

Just a couple of days of work left for us parents and sports club for the kids – which they love!!

And we’re finally freeeeee!!

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We spent such a magical day at the Bubble Festival in Derby. The kids enjoyed watching the bubble shows and all their magical performances and wizardry, also taking part in a few experiments along the way too! There was so much going on everywhere you looked and huge bubbles flying all over the place! It was like a child’s dream!




I enjoyed the market stalls which were there too and managed to bag myself some amazingly tasting, fresh, green and herbal teas from my new favourite loose leaf tea shopΒ snail and rabbit – just delicious! The food stalls were incredible too. Foods from all around the globe. We settled on Greek street food and french chocolate crΓͺpes and had ourselves an unbelievably tasty picnic in the park!

Snail and rabbit tea

Definitely a great way to spend a day!

And finally the start of our travels began. Where we packed up our suitcases (very last minute!), jumped in the car and headed to the beautiful coast of Cornwall.

Gosh I do love it in Cornwall. My soul home. … but you will have to wait until the end of August to see what we get up to on our travels!

nay nays adventure July moments

To be continued….

happy adventures

nay nay x

nay nays adventure

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  1. What a lovely start to the summer!

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    1. nay nay says:

      Thank you. Hope you’re having a great summer too!


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