such a fangirl!

I canโ€™t actually believe itโ€™s taken me this long to write up about the most fantastic night Iโ€™ve ever had! I know, itโ€™s shocking!

So, Iโ€™ll start at the beginning … Ever since I can remember I have been listening to Bon jovi! I mean, who wouldnโ€™t, heโ€™s awesome! My bedroom was covered top to bottom with posters of this beaut, I had all his tapes and cdโ€™s, I even went to watch him live with my dad and it was incredible. Over the years I think Iโ€™ve probably sang his songs more than he has himself, ha ha! He is just my favourite all time band. So for Christmas last year my beautiful boyfriend brought me tickets to see him play at Wembley for this year! How awesome is that, I was so excited he even videoed me opening the tickets on Christmas Day where I balled my eyes out like a kid! But I wonโ€™t be showing you that! Gosh itโ€™s bad!

Oh itโ€™s been such a long wait until now, I actually got to see him play live again!

Bon Jovi Wembley

So the week finally arrived, itโ€™s time to see the man himself that is Jon Bon Jovi! Aaaaagggghhhhh! I literally couldnโ€™t contain my excitement, the hotel was booked, there was fuel in the car, my suitcase was packed and I had my tickets ready. Eeeek!

Here comes the three hour drive down to Wembley Stadium – or as I like to call it, three hours of this super fan right here singing my heart out to all the Bon Jovi albums I own whilst my boyfriend tries to block it out and drive ha ha, the poor guy!

Nay nays adventure

Its time …. weโ€™re in the cue. Phew! Weโ€™ve made it and there are literally thousands upon thousands of people all around the venue. My heart was beating so fast just wanting to get in there already, so pumped with excitement it was awesome.

Bon Jovi Wembley

Weโ€™re in!

… and in a bloody good spot too might I say. Wishing I was in the golden circle at the front but hey ho, beggars canโ€™t be choosers can they, and I can see everything, weโ€™re so close to the front itโ€™s insane. The atmosphere was electric! Everyone was buzzing and in good spirits laughing and filling up the place nicely.

Bon Jovi Wembley


The Manic Street Preachers performed first as their support act and Iโ€™ll be honest, I wasnโ€™t a massive fan back in the day but they put on an amazing performance and sang brilliantly – but I did kind of find myself standing there thinking please hurry up and get off I just wanna see Jon! ย (Tut, just so impatient I am!)

Bon Jovi Wembley

Heโ€™s here! Heโ€™s just walked on the stage! The crowd is screaming and whooping, the whole place is alive and itโ€™s unbelievably loud and what do I go and do? ย  ย  ย Cry. ย  ย  Yup, I sobbed my little eyeballs out. I mean what the hell? Surely thatโ€™s some super fan shit right there?! Iโ€™ve loved this man since I can remember and Iโ€™m stood amongst thousands of people crying! Ha ha! Ah, what the hell – it was worth it though! I felt like all my dreams had come true all at once. He kicked into song and did not stop belting it out until the very last song. It was incredible. He had little talks to the audience, explained his new songs, introduced the band members, had us all waving about and dancing. He even had one ultra lucky girl from down at the very front up to dance with him on stage, I have never felt so jealous and happy for someone at the same time more in my life! Gosh I wished I was her so bad! – even my boyfriend had a fantastic night and heโ€™s not even a real fan! He only knows two or three songs, but there he was by my side dancing away, waving our arms in the air, belting out โ€˜bad nameโ€™ and swaying to โ€˜bed of rosesโ€™, heโ€™s my real hero right there. Thatโ€™s true love that is!

Bon Jovi Wembley

I swear, Wembley was the best night of my life. I canโ€™t put it into words how happy I was all night long, literally the smile did not fade from my face. Not once! And even though heโ€™s not as young as he used to be (yet, ageing like a fine wine!) he still gave one hundred percent effort throughout the show, he was sweating and bouncing around that stage for hours. And yeah, maybe, some of the songs he couldnโ€™t quite get the higher more stretched out notes spot on like the cd versions, but he was still just utter epic-ness ! This whole night will stay with me forever and I have my lovely boy to thank for that. You did amazing boy!

At the very end of the show the band came back on stage and lulled us all with the ultimate Jon bon song, โ€˜Alwaysโ€™ (Back came the tears!). The room was electric from the first music note played. Ninety thousand people in one room with their flash lights on, swaying about, not missing a beat, singing every note along with him.

It was magical!

I wish I could relive it all over again. What a guy!

Bon Jovi Wembley

Have you seen any of your idols play live? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

happy adventures

nay nay x

Bon Jovi Wembley

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