Give Yourself a Me-Day!

Give yourself a Me-Day. I promise you’ll emerge from it feeling your nurturing best!

Even if you don’t consciously set out to pamper yourself, sometimes we just need β€˜a day’. A Me Day can be made special just by reveling in the restorative power of solitude. Do something as “wasteful” as staying in bed all day with a trashy novel, or as “sinful” as spending the day watching television with lots of chocolate, ice cream, and popcorn. As long as it makes you feel good, do exactly as you please.

Make yourself a priority once in a while, it’s not selfish, it’s a necessity!

nay nays adventure - me day

An Idea for a Perfect Me-Day …

Think of the things you would most like to do today. If you’re not sure, try completing this sentence: “My idea of a perfect day for me is…”

I’m sure that will spark your imagination!

Here are some more Me Day ideas for you :

Spend an afternoon at the park. Watch ducks floating in the pond, feel the gentle breeze in your hair, see the sunshine, hear the birds chirping. You could read a book under a shady tree, or lie down on the grass and dream.

Go for a walk by yourself at the beach. If you live near the ocean, do it just to connect with the water and rub your feet in the sand; it’s a wonderfully natural way to rid your feet of calluses and heal your mind.


Check into a hotel or spa for the day. Pamper yourself with a rejuvenating treatment. Or just lie in the comfort of your hotel bed, enjoying the temporary disconnection from your routine surroundings. You’ll return home glowing.

Devote the day to making your home a warmer, happier place. Take another look at your kitchen, your bath, your cosy bedroom. Look at these places – not with a critical eye (“Shush! That stain needs to go!”) but with a loving one. Ask, “How can I make this room feel much warmer and brighter or how can I add an uplifting touch to that spot?

If you love working in the kitchen and enjoy music too, playing a collection of your favorite songs is all it takes, but it will keep you humming while you cook.


If, like me, you like low dramatic lighting, light a lovely little lamp, some scented candles and place them in your favorite corner for relaxing. The warm pool of light will soothe your eyes and lure you to relax under its glow.

If you love to relax in the tub — and who doesn’t? — try lighting some candles, using aromatherapy oils, playing some soft relaxing music and why not treat yourself to the after-bath luxury of a warm towel. It’s easy; all you have to do is fold your towel on the radiator!


These little touches — the lamp, the candles, the hot towel — are not expensive or exclusive in themselves. What makes them special is the thoughtfulness you showed yourself in putting them there.

Pamper yourself beautiful. The closest, most intimate space we inhabit is our body. Soothing your skin with the textures and scents it loves is the quickest way to send happy messages surging through your entire being.

Enjoy your Me-Day and don’t forget to drop me a comment with your ideas!

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I look forward to see you back on my website!

happy adventures!

nay nay x

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