Natural remedies – the magic salt sock!

After suffering a sore throat all week, like things couldn’t get any worse, I now have an incredibly painful earache!! Over the counter pain relief don’t seem to be helping too much, cotton wool, olive drops and all the other treatments, I’ve tried them all … then I remembered … a more natural remedy ….

The Magic Salt Sock!Β 

Magic sea salt sock

Now, I’m not just here for the sympathy vote … although it is absolute agony what’s going on inside my ear (I will be making a dr’s appointment as soon as I can). I just wanted to share this great little trick for helping relieve ear pain, it’s safe, it’s natural and it’s suitable for children to use also.

So, what is this Magic Salt Sock?

A Salt Sock is basically just a sock filled with sea salt that you heat up and place on the affected ear for relief – and that’s it! It’s magic!

To make this magical sock thingy, you will need :

β€’ A sock Β  β€’ Sea Salt Β  β€’ Frying pan Β  β€’ A poorly ear!

Magic sea salt sock

What to do :

Simply fill the foot part of the sock with the Sea Salt and tie the ankle part in a tight knot (regular table salt will not work!). The salt filled sock should be about the same size as your hand.

Heat the sock in a dry frying pan over a low heat, this should take around 5 – 6 minutes, carefully flipping the sock every minute or so to ensure the salt heats evenly. Heat the sock until very warm, but not burning to touch.

Cover your ear and behind the jaw bone with the salt sock and relax!

It really is that simple. You will be amazed by the relief.

Magic sea salt sock

You can reuse the sock as many times as needed although it will discolour after a while.

I don’t know the actual medical science bit behind the magical powers of the salt sock, but from what I can gather, the warm salt helps draw out any fluid from the ear that could be causing the pain. The warmth is also soothing when placed on the ear and along the jawbone. It only takes a few minutes for the pain to start subsiding, which is brilliant when you need it most. It’s also such an easy and cost effective remedy to have on hand. Of course if there is an infection going on in the ear, that will have to be dealt with and a trip to the doctors maybe in order, Β but hopefully this will still provide you with some much-needed relief.

Go ahead and give this salt sock remedy a try!

let me know how it works for you.

nay nay x

Magic sea salt sock

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  1. Thank you! I get terrible neck pains after a hard workout – I will DEFINITELY be using this!

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