Our January days out

Don’t be down with the January blues, there are lots of cheap and cheerful January days out.

Here’s my families top picks – be brave!

One of our favourite things to do in the winter months is to pop on our wellies, wrap up warm and head out for a walk. Our favourites include places with enchanted forests, places where the kids and their imaginations can run wild. Places with lots of muddy puddles to jump, with rivers to play β€˜pooh sticks’ and of course a nice warm cafe to warm up with a hot choclate after our day out.

We made a bivvy
here we are taking shelter from the rain in a bivvy we made!

One of of our favourite places, a local of ours, is Tittesworth Reserviour. We must visit here at least once a month. It’s just easy. It’s easy to get to, parking is easy, you can pick a short stroll and a play in the river, or go all out on the longer lake walk – my kids won’t walk this far tho, it’s a long walk! Large play area to burn off those last few bursts of energy and a gorgeous little cafe with a roaring fire to warm you up afterward. In the summer months it’s a lovely place to visit also, lots of water activities to take part in, picnic areas by the lake, bbqs and summer loving!

Winter walks
enchanted forests make every walk just that little bit magical!

Next up (I absolutely loved this place!) it’s Manley Mere. I think this place is much better in the dirty winter months than a summers day out (although, I do hear they have a giant water inflatable course on the lake in the summer which sounds like a fab day out!). It’s time to be brave! Get your big girl pants on because it’s proper back to basics, good-old-dirty-wellies-family fun. The kids don’t even realise how far they have walked – every few steps has a new obstacle to tackle or game to play. From spinning round and round, to being thrown inside a hamster wheel to zip-wiring. If you like being outdoors and don’t mind a bit of mud and dirt – it’s just fantastic. Pack a picnic and a change of clothes for the ride home…things can get wet and muddy!

Kids at Manley mere
The hamster wheel has to be one of my favourites!
Manley mere
Even the parents had fun!

Another outdoor activity filled day which we love is the Crocky Trail. This is also back to basics fun – probably a lot better for younger children … although myself and daddy had a go on almost all of the activities here and I have never laughed so much in my life! Definitely worth a trip. Get your wellies on and don some old clothes, you will not make it out clean here! Top Tip : Pack a change of clothes for the drive home!

The crocky trail
Laughter is the best medicine.
The crocky trail
The vertical slides, my heart was in my mouth!

A more relaxed winter walk for us is Carsington Waters. The children enjoy a bike ride here along the lake, playing indoors where they can learn about water and waste in their education centre, also a huge playground outside, nature trails, ice cream parlour, a couple of shops and a lovely cafe for a spot of light lunch. In the summer months it’s a great place to let the kids run free whilst you soak up the sunshine and throw another sausage on the barbie!

Carsington waters
You can’t beat a bike ride in the winter to keep you toastie
Carsington waters
Oh the clouds are rolling in!

We’re are quite lucky where we live as it’s only a short drive to most of the winter walks we enjoy.

But if winter walks are not your cup of tea, there are lots of other ideas and places to visit for a cheapΒ day awayΒ from the elements.


Our top picks

A cracking day out!

Inflatanation – Manchester, a cracking day out! Literally my bones were cracking ha ha! Clearly not as fit as I used to be, but the kids where in their element! Absolutely loved it! A great day out to burnΒ off lots and lots of energy. Β Massive drop slides, ball pits, obstinate courses and more. There’s also a seating area for if you wish to sit out and a lovely little cafe to grab some refreshments. Changing rooms available too – we took a change of clothes it got very sweaty!


Cadbury world
Flying on a chocolate bar, nom nom!


Cadbury World – Bourneville, Birmingham. One of my favourite days out! Literally how much chocolate can you eat in one day? A great day out, Β learn how chocolate is made, a few indoor rides, outdoor play area, 4D cinema experience, magic shows, the list is endless! Β So much family fun under one roof with lots of souvenirs to grab too!


d834f6ca-591e-458d-9de4-aa63f1b09d2aTheΒ ThinktankΒ museum – Birmingham.Β A fun educational whole day out, we have visited the Manchester science museum and the Birmingham science museum and both days were equally as good. I do think the Birmingham museum had the extra point from me as we visited the planetarium inside and it was just spectacular, even the kids were interested! Both have lots of activity days throughout the years. Check their websites for further information.

– if that doesn’t get the kids out and about, then nothing will!

happy adventures

nay nay x


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