It’s lunch time, munch time!

Nutritious food ideas for healthy kids lunchboxes!

As a mum, I often find myself complaining that one of my least favourite ‘chores’ is packing the kids lunch boxes in the morning rush. Oh yes, I am “that mum”!

Here, I have put together just a few of my favourite lunch box lunches, that I actually quite enjoy making, knowing that they’re getting a healthy (and sometimes warm) nutritious lunch — and to help you avoid any extra stresses in the mornings.

These recipes are quick and easy to make … especially if you are preparing them for your family dinners, just add a little extra, separate, pot and freeze. Delicious, flavoursome lunches that couldn’t be simpler.

(Using dinner time leftovers will save you time and money. Bonus!)

Chicken curry

Use a Thermos food flask to keep foods warm during the school day. My eldest daughter loves hers. Fill it with boiling water straight from the kettle when you wake up, re-heat your meal, empty water, fill with food and Voila! Hot lunch!

Tuna pasta salad

My daughter had this yesterday for her lunch. We used rice instead of pasta and served it warm with sweet corn. “Super tasty!”. Also a nice dish to serve in the summertime. Served cold with pasta.

Lasagne bites

Who doesn’t love Lasagne? Even better when it’s bite sized! Using a muffin tray and a cutter to get perfect round circles that fit just lovely into our Thermos food flask means another hot lunch! Great for these colder days here in the uk!

Chicken pesto rice

One of my favourites! I love green pesto. It’s super tasty. My kids aren’t massively keen on this dish but yours might be! It’s great either hot or cold too.

Bite sized spag bol

  Last but not least, Spaghetti Bolognese. It’s a firm favourite in our house and we probably eat it far too often. I cram it full of hidden vegetables to make it super healthy and even throw in some extra spinach, finely diced.

There are, of course a million other ideas that you can pop into a hot food flask such as soups, risotto, meatballs and rice (another favourite of ours), frittatas, vegetable casserole and hot chicken wraps.

It doesn’t always have to be plain cheese sarnies for lunch, there are lots of ideas to choose from. From the likes of pitta breads, tortilla wraps and mixed salads to adding a variety of flavour to your sandwiches with an egg salad sandwich or you could even try a banana butty.

whats your kids favourite lunch time meal?

happy eating!

nay nay x


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  1. sam28641 says:

    These are fantastic ideas! Thank you 😊

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    1. nay nay says:

      Thank you very much. I’m glad you like them x

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  2. I love the bite size ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nay nay says:

      My children love them too! 😋


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