Let’s get into the routine!

Has your family’s routine gone all out of sync over Christmas?

We’ve all had a lovely Christmas and new year – but it’s time to get back to reality and return to work and school.

Going back to school means getting back into a routine.

This week spells the end of the Christmas holiday period, which means for most of us next Monday will be time to head back to work or school – and with this switch from fun to formal, it can be quite tricky to get back into the routine.

The excitement of the festive period can mean that the kids get used to being at home, watching all the films they like, getting lots of treats and playing with their new toys for hours on end.

Merry christmas

So how do you get them back on track and focused for the new year?

Read these tips and if you have your own, share them in the comments section below!

Make sure to get plenty of rest!

Have you allowed the kids to stay up a little bit later than their normal bedtime? Well, it’s time to get back on track. In their first week back at school (and a few nights before), make sure they get their early nights in and get plenty of sleep. You don’t want them to be tired and grumpy in the classroom and more rest will allow them to get their focus back — this goes for us parents too!

Get plenty of rest

Keep organised!

If (like us) your first few weeks back at school are usually manic, try getting into the habit of being organised. Things like : preparing lunches, uniforms, book bags  and anything else you need can be prepared and laid out the night before. Saving time in the mornings!

Young children don’t have a great sense of urgency, so getting them up in time to get them ready without having to panic, scream and shout and rush them out of the house will help things run more smoothly.

Back to school

Use a calendar! 

Soon enough you’ll be swamped with a vast number of important dates and deadlines. These might include things like school events, homework assignments, doctor appointments etc — get them on the calendar!

So much to do so little time

Make a meal plan!

This is something I am in the process of doing. Preparing meals for the family throughout the week should hopefully be a lot less stressful if they’re planned in advance.

Find somewhere to write down the meals you plan to make for each week day. This could be on a chalkboard or whiteboard hung in the kitchen or even on your iPhone or iPad.
Also include a grocery list of items you’ll need to buy in preparation for each week day meal. One trip to the grocery store is much more efficient than last-minute meal prep each day — and healthier than ordering a takeaway!


Take a breath!

With all this preparation, your kids will be in great shape.

If you’re relaxed and calm, they’ll head off to school feeling excited and ready to get to work!

Don’t forget to share any of your own tips in the comment section below! 

happy adventures!

nay nay x


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