Our North Pole Breakfast

A wonderful part of the Christmas Elf Tradition is to have a North Pole Breakfast!


This is usually the first of December or the first weekend in December. Luckily for us this year the first of December landed on a Saturday which was a winner all round as there was no rushing about for school and we were able to relax and enjoy our deliciously tasty breakfast!

If you haven’t heard of the infamous North Pole Breakfast, it’s a really magical family ChristmasΒ tradition for the kids to β€˜discover’ in the morning.


Our Elves, Jasmine and Judy, arrived the night before whilst the children slept and mummy β€” ahem β€” I mean, the elves could set up and get prepared!

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The idea is that the kids come down in the morningΒ and see a very over the top Christmassy looking breakfast laid out. Β It can be as healthy, or sugar fuelled as you like and as simple or over the topΒ as you like! β€” We kind of meet half way in the middle with some tasty treats and healthy snacks.

You can find some fab North Pole Breakfast printable on Pinterest and other places on the internet.Β 


What you’ll need:

A Christmas-themed table cloth, napkins and place mats. Disposable paper ones from a discount store will do!

Christmassy cups and mugs are a must!

Christmas-themed plates and bowls. (Disposable party plates would be perfect!)

Confetti and sparkles really add an extra festive touch.

Christmas crackers!


What to eat

Pancakes & Nutella

Christmas crumpets

Fun sized cereals

Fresh fruit – strawberry Santa hats are always a hit!

Hot chocolate is a must!



Yogurt and sprinkles

And maybe as many sweets as you’re comfortable with giving.



As a little extra, our elves wrapped up their advent calendars and also a box of easy bake Christmas cookies for a little treat.

This year, as the children are a little bit older we are encouraging good deeds and kindness – there will still be the element of fun too – Our Elves have introduced their ‘Good Deed Cards’. Each morning they will hand out a good deed to do for the day, these are as simple as sharing a smile, complimenting someone and helping with a chore.


Use your imagination. It is meant to be silly and fun and over the top with colour and cute things to enjoy. Think: out of the ordinary with a Christmas touch!

happy Christmas adventures

nay nay x

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