Stuffing Cakes with Hazelnut & Cranberry

Stuffing that’s both vegetarian and gluten free, packed with flavour and buttery goodness. Delicious & perfect for Christmas!

Hands on time 20 minutes. Cooking time around 50 minutes. Makes 8.


100g butter – plus a little to grease.

3 shallots – finely chopped.

250g pouch microwaveable basmati rice.

50g chopped toasted hazelnuts.

100g dried chopped cranberries.

Handful of parsley chopped.

2 eggs – beaten.


Preheat oven to 190C / gas mark 5.

Grease 8 holes in a muffin tin with butter & line with cut grease proof paper.

Melt butter in a frying pan add shallots and a pinch of salt and fry lightly for around 5 minutes until soft.

Take the pan off the heat add rice, stir gently to break away any clumps and stir in the hazelnuts, cranberries, parsley, eggs and seasoning.

Once mixed together, spoon into muffin tin packing tightly.

Cook for around 35-40 minutes until golden in colour.

Run a palette knife around the edges of muffin once cooked and use the grease proof paper to help lift the muffins from the tin.

Scatter with hazelnuts and serve!


whats your favourite stuffing flavours? Drop me comment, I’d love to try new recipes!

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