Let’s Harvest

When you do a good deed, you are, of course helping someone. The act of kindness will leave a feeling of warm fuzziness, inside.

This week is ‘Harvest Week‘ and as there are around thirteen million people who live below the poverty line in the UK, with individuals going hungry every day for a range of reasons, we’re doing our (little bit) to help.

Now, I can’t help every single person in the UK who’s going hungry but I can help a few of the less fortunate to get a good, hot meal inside of them.

Across the country schools, churches, businesses and individuals are donating non-perishable, in-date food to their local foodbanks. Large collections often take place as part of the Harvest Festival celebrations and food is also collected at supermarkets.

A7FECF68-B296-441B-8637-A14C53299A9AYesterday I went to my local supermarket to fill my harvest boxes that my children had so kindly decorated with colourful leaves and tissue paper.

And I was amazed at what bargains I found!

Normally I don’t shop in the ‘no-frills’ section of the supermarket but in able to fill the huge boxes for the harvest festival I needed lots of cheap, non-perishable foods.

Wow! What awesome bargains can be found when you Just look around!

For just £8.22, I managed to fill two entire food boxes with quick, easy, tasty meals including :


2 boxes of breakfast cereal,

2 boxes of tea bags,

2 jars of jam & 2 jars of marmalade,


2 boxes of instant soup satchets

2 tins of tomato soup

2 tins of spaghetti hoops

2 packets of instant noodles


4 packets of pasta and sauce

2 large bags of rice

2 jars of chicken paste

2 large bags of pasta

With also room for a cheeky little dessert including 2 bags of 20 individual bags of skittle sweets and 4 pud in a mug sachets!

Harvest food

What an absolute bargain!

These have all been packed up, boxed and sent off to our local food bank now and I really do hope they go to someone in need. I’m sure they will!

Harvest box

Sometimes people want to do good deeds but don’t know what to do or think that it costs money and so they don’t, but fear not, there are ways to do good deeds without spending any money,

it only costs kindness.

Here are 9 good deeds or random acts of kindness you can do today to make someone smile!

Make a colleague a cup of tea or coffee, You will definitely make their day a bit better and probably receive a big smile in return, and maybe one day when you are in need, they will return the favour.

Pack in an extra sandwich, if you make your own lunch each day add an extra sandwich once in a while, just in case a friend or colleague forgets theirs and if not you have a spare one to feed to someone who might be hungry.

Pay someone a genuine compliment, a compliment is as easy as breathing, just look at a person and whatever is good about them, compliment it. If a person has a nice smile or you like their shoes let them know. You could turn their entire day around!


Call or FaceTime a friend/ family member on their birthday, social media has created a way for people to put in less effort on birthdays. Instead of posting a happy birthday on social media why not call that person or FaceTime. Turn a 5 second action into a 5 minute one.

Hold the door open for someone, simple yet effective! Have you ever had someone swing the door shut behind them whilst your walking through it? How rude! Right?

Pick up some litter, wherever your journey takes you in the world always be mindful of the planet. If you see a bit of litter pick it up and throw it in the bin. Not only will you feel good but you will be helping the environment in the best way possible!


Spring clean your home (or just one room), donate the unwanted and unused items to shelter’s and other organisations around you. Hospice can use all donations and whatever they don’t need they sell in their charity shop to raise funds. The charity shop sells the items at an affordable rate that allows people who cannot afford first hand items to also have access to them.

Help someone carry something, it happens everyday, someone walks by carrying something that is a little too uncomfortable. Whether that’s at the office, in a shopping centre parking lot or at home. Take a few minutes to stop what you are doing and help take some of the weight off their hands. After all they do say,

And the last thing you can do is,

Smile, its that simple to be honest! Sure some people may think you are a total weirdo for smiling at a complete stranger but keep on going because smiles are like yawns, they are infectious and super contagious! Your one smile could bring smiles to more faces than you imagine!

Go on… Spread some kindness! We all know we need it!

Happy adventures

nay nay

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