D I Y Autumnal Wreath

Bring a seasonal touch to your doorway and make an autumn wreath

I’m sure i’ve probably mentioned this before, but I’m a sucker for a door wreath. They are such a brilliant decoration to celebrate an occasion/season, and they really do add some serious kerb appeal to your home.

Plus – it’s on our Autumn Bucket List!Β 

Autumn provides the easiest and the cheapest opportunity for a door wreath, as you can pick the supplies up scattered all around outside in the street! Conkers, acorns, dried leaves, acorns etc, so it’s a great craft to do with kids as you can get them to run around sourcing all the bits! – or if you fancy some crafty, kid free time (like me) then head to your nearest craft store for some cheap bits!

DIY autumnal wreath

To make an Autumn door wreath at home you will need:

DIY autumn wreath what you need

What you use to make your door wreath with is entirely optional, but you will need some twine, a ring of some sort, whether it be polystyrene, metal or an embroidery hoop and definitely a hot glue gun. Craft stores sell the rings for just a couple of pounds each. The glue guns are just brilliant as hot glue really sticks stuff down, so even heavy conkers are stuck down easily and won’t budge!

I love a bit of personalisation – a great way to do this is to add a letter to your wreath.

The first thing you need to do is cut off some twine and tie it around the ring so you can hang your wreath on your door. It also acts as a kind of marking point for the top of the wreath when you are making it. I added my letter β€˜H’ with the twine too before adding anything else.

Secondly, place a few of your ‘autumn bits’ onto the wreath to give you an idea of what it could look like. Place larger items such as leaves on first and layer up the moss and berries.

Once your happy with your design – get glueing – It couldn’t be simpler!

Make sure your wreath has time to dry before hanging it up.

and Β VoilΓ‘!

naynays autumn wreath

I love the Autumnal colours of the wreath, and coming home and seeing the wreath on the door.

What would you use to make up an Autumn wreath? Let me know in the comments section below!



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