How missing the kids can keep you from missing the kids!

The 6 weeks summer holidays have been super busy for us. We have literally been here, there and everywhere for mini breaks and adventure days and have had lots of fun together. But the last couple of weeks have been filled with us busy parents stuck at work and sports camp, baby sitters and sleepovers for the kids.


Even if the house has been lovely and quiet, super clean and tidy. The washing has all been ironed and put away. No blaring annoying kids tv all day. Peaceful dinner times – not to mention dining out, Oooooh it has been pretty blissful if I’m honest! No squealing and fighting and all that whining. All those little nagging chores, all now complete. Wow this no kid business gives you a lot of time to fill –


Although, I know they’ve been having a lot of fun where they have been, I have bloody missed them (don’t tell them I said that though!). Tonight we went out for dinner together as a family and it was just lovely. It was like one of those moments in a film where everything goes silent for a moment and you just take it all in with a deep breath. I really have missed the little monsters! We chatted about about all the things that they’ve been getting up to and heard all their amazing stories in their excited – it got me thinking….. let’s not waste anymore time these holidays. Instead, let’s make some amazing family memories!

So this week, we’re having a week of family fun! Our original plan was to have a mini break somewhere relaxing on a hot beach, but as the weather seems to have turned from summer to autumn over night we’re changing plans and going to make the best of what we’ve got with the children!


First, we’re heading off to Telford to check out Jungleland! It boastsΒ 3 great adventures under 1 roof! Jungleland – A safari adventure, Lazerland – Fun with a lazer gun and safariland – 9 hole crazy golf. The kids are going to absolutely love this!

Secondly, it’s a trip to Gullivers World – β€œThe Best Family Day Out In Cheshire. With over 80 rides attractions and shows to see each day, Gulliver’s World guarantees you one of the best kids days out in the UK”. – I think this is actually going to make the girls go crazy! I can hear the squeals of excitement already … I think I might have to get stocked up on paracetamol … or gin!!

Next up… It’s a shopping trip to The Trafford Centre, Manchester….. A girls gotta get kitted out for school! Am I right!?

Then it’s off to the Banger Racing! Daddy is very much into his racing, be it motorbikes, cars or trucks and he often takes the children to watch the races. They absolutely love it and have such fantastic days together. They always come home buzzing with all their stories of what they have seen. I tend to stay at home and get the housework, laundry & choresΒ done, oh the joys! They’ve not been to banger racing before and neither have I so this will be an experience for all of us and I can’t wait!


You can always make more money but time is something you can’t get back – Β In our busy lives, it is easy to not spend as much time as we should with our children and I’ll be honest, as much as I’ve loved the peace and quiet at home and managing to get β€œstuff” done – ( of course,Β I am so thankful for the help of others who have helped with the children) I have missed not spending that much time with my little rascals. I understand also that kids don’t need presents and lavish days out to have our attention, but what the hey! It’s almost the end of the summer holidays so let’s go out with a bang!


Happy adventures!

nay nay x

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