Teacher gift ideas 🍎

Yes, it’s that’s time of year! Again!

I know right, it’s come around so fast this year!

I always struggle with what to get for the teachers at the end of the school year. Some of the other school mums seem to get such lavish thank you presents and there I am with a bottle of plonk and a cheers!

This year I thought I’d make more of an effort and be prepared ahead of time! (There’s a first for everything, right?)

I wanted something a little bit more personal than just a bottle of wine, I wanted something from my daughters and for it to be a little more meaningful and to say thank you. Whilst looking for end of year teacher gift ideas, I stumbled upon a company called The Little Keepsake Company. They have perfect, thoughtful gifts and lots to choose from. After a lot of scrolling, umming and arring, I finally settled on a pair of sweet little earrings for both my daughters teachers.

Soooooo Sweet!

To accompany their gifts I found a free printable thank you letter for my youngest (reception age) to fill in herself and draw a picture of her teacher (click the link to print yours).

I thought this was quite a sweet idea.

And what about a thank you card? I like a funny card. I think the teachers will appreciate the lighter side…

you can find lots more easy last minute ideas over on my Pinterest page.
Click the link – Teacher gift ideas

I’d love to hear yourΒ end of year teacher gift ideas!Β 

Happy adventures

nay nay x

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