Our child free weekend

Yes, I have a kid free weekend. Woo Hoo! Now, I’m sure a lot of you parents hate me after reading that … I know I would. And it’s not just Saturday and Sunday either, oh no, we have no kids on Friday too, a long weekend without them (now I know you really do hate me)!

Now, as much as we love and adore our kids, we don’t just palm them off to go and get drunk whenever we like, sometimes it’s hard to find a babysitter and we have to cancel or change our plans. It just so happens that we’ve come up trumps this weekend and hit the jackpot! We are fortunate enough to have lots of loving family members in our lives who love spending time with our girls.

Our kids are spending a three day weekend with their grandad. They see their grandad quite often, but due to work and other commitments, they cannot stay over very often. This will be great for them, they love their grandad to bits, I know they will have a lot of fun…. especially as they will be staying at the caravan on the beach! (Slightly jealous of that I’ll be honest) but of course, it’ll be great for me and their daddy to be able to relax a little and the girls get to have quality time with their grandad on a little holiday.

The fella and I both have the whole weekend off. We have a vague plan of what we are going to do.

Friday consisted of slobbing about the house, packing in the morning for the girls adventure with grandad and pretty much soaking up the ridiculously hot sunshine in the garden…… KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK ….. the girls are squealing! “Yay grandads here!” And they’re off! …. Bye kids!

“Aaaaaaahhhhhhh” I’m sure me and the fella just lay on the sofa for what seemed like six hours in pure silence! Now, I don’t mean to rub it in or anything but there was not one squeal, not one moan, no kids tv blaring and not one bit of bickering going on in the house at all! … is this what life was like all those years ago?? Before kids? It was bliss!

So, after all that chilled out relaxing we took the plunge and stayed out passed 9pm! (Whoop, check us out!) We were home for ten thirty ha ha! A delicious meal in town at Bon Pan Asian. 150 different courses to chose from, the diet was well out the window! Not only were we eating at a nice restaurant, but we were not on a time limit. We sat and talked about all kinds of stuff, mostly fun stuff, it was lovely. Just me and the boy.

Saturday – A big fat lie in til 9am, leisurely frothy coffees in the garden for breakfast, a trip up town for a spot of clothes shopping, lunch at bb’s and a pit stop at the local pub on the way home for a quick Gin and a beer to watch England play in the World Cup …. I don’t follow football, like, at all… I only went for the booze I’ll be honest! Still, the atmosphere was amazing! “It’s coming home!”


Did some one say Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses are playing tonight? At the same event? Ten minutes down the road? Never? … Oh yes they are! … well not quite the real McCoy, but it’s as close as your gonna get for twenty quid!


What an amazing night! We donned our rock gear, grabbed a few beers, a camping chair each and made our way over to the lakeside amphitheatre for “Guns or Roses” and the “Bon Jovi Experience”. We sang and danced our little hearts out just in front of the stage all night. We know they weren’t the real thing but jeeez, they were bloody good! We were ‘livin’ on a prayer’ in ‘paradise city’. We haven’t danced like that for a long time. It was awesome to just spend some fun time together…. and even though the boy isn’t a Jon Bon fan, he knows I am and he rocked out all night long right there at the front with me! A true hero!


Sunday – Oh how we ache! – Are we getting too old for this? Most definitely not! That’s how you know you’ve had a good night!

After a slow morning we went out for breakfast, a leisurely breakfast, we took our time sipping on a brew and munching crumpets chatting about last nights events. Oh we did have fun!


A trip to Tittesworth Reservoir for us parents after breakfast. Relaxing in the sunshine by the lake, taking in the summer scenery, enjoying the peace and quiet for a few final moments. A slow stroll around the nature trail watching the time tick by. It won’t be long until the kids are back home!


I love my girls to bits and I have been missing them (don’t tell them I said that!), but I have really appreciated this time without them. Pure mummy and daddy time. And to be honest, they probably need a break from us too.

When they come back tonight I will be hugging them extra tight!


Do you like to get away from your parental responsibilities every now and again to recharge your batteries?

Happy adventures

nay nay x

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