Why do less when you can do the most!? It’s a big world out there. Go explore! – Dublin

Arriving in Dublin was heaven. After a long day of travelling just over 215 miles from Staffordshire to Ireland, a 3 hour StenaLine ferry crossing, 2 hour drive the other side and a whole load of travel sickness as a family, we finally arrived at our lovely quaint little cottage at Kilcloon Holiday Homes. A silent little place in the middle of nowhere and right now, it was just what we all needed!

The cottages were immaculate, we couldn’t complain. All the amenities you’d expect including a booklet of all the local attractions in and around Dublin, information and taxi numbers etc, just what you need. A great idea for tourists like ourselves who’re in the middle of nowhere. There was a little play area for the children just outside, the sun was shining and they were happy enough to keep themselves entertained whilst we unpacked.

A trip into the nearest town, ‘Maynooth‘ was €12 by taxi and about a 10 minute drive away. A little town where we found a few local pubs for our dinner and of course, a Guinness or two!

Spending our first night at the cottages was bliss. In the morning we were up ready to go for our day into Dublin City.

We caught the train from Maynooth straight into Dublin (Tara Street Station). Jumped off the train and we were there. Smack bang in the middle of Dublin.

Wow what a city!

Now, if you have small children in tow, I wouldn’t highly recommend Dublin City. I’d definitely do your homework into visiting some of the children’s attractions. It’s a fantastic city and there’s lots of things to see and do, but it involves one hell of a lot of walking and can be a little stressful … however if you’re over the drinking age then get yourselves straight down to Temple Bar! It’s constantly buzzing with people and diddley-eye music it is a definite must!

We didn’t let a bit of rain stop us!

If you want to learn more about the city you can jump on a hop on – hop off bus tour. These are amazing to learn about the history and culture of Dublin. We actually “hopped on” one to stay out of the rain! But it turned out to be a fantastic trip. Even the kids enjoyed it!

Lunch time at the oldest pub in Dublin, The Brazen Head (we learnt that on the bus tour. See, they do come in handy!). We were Hank Marvin and this little pub didn’t disappoint! Bejeezus the portions were huuuge!! It’s a tad expensive in Dublin though, so check the prices before hand. It was €70 for our lunch for four here! Worth it though as it was delicious! “Sláinte!”

After our hearty lunch we hopped back onto the bus into the city centre for a spot of shopping along the high street, including a few toy stores to keep the kiddiewinks entertained along the way. Don’t forget a trip to ‘Carrolls‘ for memorabilia. A new Dublin hoodie … always a treat! Proper tourists!

My eldest daughter took a trip to the ‘Leprechaun Museum‘ in Dublin City centre. The National Leprechaun Museum is a museum dedicated to Irish folklore and mythology, through the tradition of storytelling. She had a blast! It’s not recommended for children under seven as the story telling can be a little long winded but definitely worth a trip!

Pit stops for more Guinness and traditional Irish Coffees. Gosh, I could drink Irish coffees all day. I’d definitely be buzzing … and drunk! They’re strong, but delicious non the less!

My advice before heading off to Dublin would be to have a read up about the city and pinpoint a few things that you would like to see and do. A little bit of homework can go along way when you’re in a city you know nothing about.

It’s a cracking city and we will definitely be back!

See you soon Dublin.

Happy adventures!

nay nay x

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