The simplest ways to make the best of packing!

Holidaying as a family of four can be a little bit stressful. My biggest tip for anyone going on holiday would be to make lists! Lots of lists!

So we’re about to set off for a wandering week in Ireland. Lots to see and do! Spending time in both Belfast and Dublin. With two children!! (& a fella in tow, so three kids basically 🀣). Argh! It sounds rough. But I think I’m prepared! …. she says!


Lists! : I was working the whole week before we set off on our adventure so I didn’t really have anytime to pack all four cases, our evenings are full with homework, gymnastic classes, trampolining classes, swimming lessons, family life etc so making lists is a really big help!

Start at the top…

Kids stuff : As it’s not a holiday where we are guaranteed the tropical weather, it’s a “pack-for-every-eventuality” kind of game. So, cold days, wet days, sunny days, beach days, mild days, changes of clothes for spillages. Don’t for get the hats, rain coats, oh and sun cream! Literally, just take their entire wardrobe … that should have you covered!


Entertainment : I always pack activity bag for looooooong car journeys, plane rides & ferry crossings. For my eldest daughter I purchased her a travel log which is filled with all kinds of questions and games about what you’ve seen on your travels. A great buy! It came in very handy with those “are we nearly there yet” moments. IPads, portable DVD player, colouring & magazines are all a great big help too! To be fair, my children were angels in the car, even with all the bank holiday traffic! Glued to their tv’s like, but angels non the less! – Oh! I almost forgot! S N A C K S!! Do not, for love of god, forget the snacks! Pack a lunch bag and brim it with food! I swear, my kids eat every thirty seconds!

Essentials : Toiletries – literally our entire bathroom has been packed! From shampoos and toothbrushes to ear buds and cotton wool! Don’t forget the plasters! Oh and Baby wipes – a must have! What brilliant little things they are! Especially for sticky fingers, dirty faces, spillages etc. Four packs (that should be enough for a week right?!).


Your things : Have you made a list? My list starts with columns. Days off the week, daytime outfit & nighttime outfit. Then get listing – Underwear, socks, swimwear, jumpers, cardigans, jackets, sandals, shoes, boots. Go mad! List everything! Casual wear, evening wear, all the wear!!

Make outfits per day, per occasion and tick them off! Simple, organised and effective! Phew! Are we done yet?

Pets : We have a little family bunny, Clover. He thinks he’s one of us, such an adorable cuddly little thing he is. Well, he’s off on his own little holiday to the Hawthorn Bunny Hotel. This is an amazing little five star place for bunnies and other small pets. I’m sure he will have a fantastic time making new bunny friends on his adventure. Make sure you have everything you need for your pets wherever they are going, food, litter, litter tray, water bottles, toys, treats, home scents, cuddlies, anything that will help them settle. We also have fish, but they’re pretty easy, just pop in a seven day feeder and your done! Off you go!

Here’s our little boy playing hide & seek!

See you soon

Happy adventures!

nay nay x

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