new month, new goals

This year I have a few personal goals.

Theyre not mega, but little things that I’d like to achieve, for me.

The first one on the list is cutting back on sugar. –Β Now, I didn’t think that this was a big thing in my life. Oh, how wrong was I?

A few weeks back now I bought some Green Tea’s, I’ve searched for years for a nice one, but I just don’t like them. However, Twinnings have released their Lemon Drizzle & Cherry Bakewell Green Tea’s and oh my days! How freakin’ nice are they? It then got me thinking… I have two lattes a day at work, both with two sugars in each. Then a cup of tea in an evening with 1 sugar. That’s 5 spoons of sugar a day just in tea and coffee! That’s 25 spoons of sugar Monday – Friday! How ridiculous is that?!

I was absolutely gob-smacked with myself. Luckily, I’ve cut (most of) those out and I’m trying my best to stick to herbal teas, no milk, no sugar. It’s going pretty well so far!


Secondly, I’m trying to drink more water. I can literally run all day on my 2 lattes and a cuppa tea… now that’s not good! Tut tut tut! I purchased a fruit infusing water bottle, I now take this to work every day and set myself goals to get at least one bottle drank before midday, refill and continue throughout the day. This is quite hard going for me as I don’t drink water, getting the first bottle done and dusted is a lot easier than the second or third one. I almost get a little ‘sea-sick’ from having that much water swishing around my tummy. I’m sure it will get easier.

I have found that infusing the water with slices of lemon, cucumber, strawberries or mint are a great help in making it tasty and not just boring old tap water.

Thirdly… I need to get fitter, not that I would say I’m overweight or unfit, I just need to tone and actually do some exercise.

I recently joined a boogie bounce class. If you don’t know what this is, it’s literally an hour of bouncing on a mini trampoline like a looney, waving your arms about to some cheesy pop disco tunes in the dark with disco lights. I LOVE it! I’m completely shattered by the end of it and really feel the burn the next day. Twice a week and I’m not budging!

I also have a keen interest in Yoga. Now, I am the most un-flexible person going, I can’t even touch my toes, it kills my legs, but just attempting some of the positions is doing wonders for my posture and also making me feel a lot better in myself. I have noticed that in just a few weeks of stretching wherever and whenever I can for a couple of minutes I’m getting closer to ‘the touching of the toes’ goal. Now that’s a big deal! I did take some photos of my attempts at some of the positions… I will not be sharing those, but I can’t wait to see my transformation in a year to come. How incredible will that be!

I’d love to hear what goals you have been setting yourself this year and how far you’ve come! Please share your stories.

Thanks for reading.

nay nay x

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